Entrepreneurs often talk about business books they’ve read that inspired or guided them. Successful salespeople reveal they have taken to heart the lessons they learned reading inspirational business-oriented books. Titles ranging from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to Sizing People Up: A Veteran FBI Agent’s User Manual for Behavior Prediction” show up on the “must-read” lists of business executives and employees. Books are powerful resources for anyone wanting to succeed in business. However, they can also be powerful tools for the writer. If you’ve thought about writing a non-fiction book related to your business, now is the time. There are lots of career perks to putting becoming a published author.

Lead Generation

Anyone buying your book is a likely prospect for your business’ products or services. Digital books are great lead generators because it’s so easy for people who’ve bought your book to click on a link that takes them directly to your company’s website. Including links in your book makes it easier for interested parties to find your business in a sea of other options. 

Increased Mailing List Subscriptions

The average time someone spends on a website for the first time is less than 20 seconds. That means most people who visit your site may never be back again. So they probably won’t sign up for your company’s email list or leave contact information. Improve the odds of getting contact information by offering something for free by email. It could be the first few chapters of your business book (with the option to purchase the whole book at a discount) or the entire book. You now have a new audience with whom you can establish a relationship.

A Business Book Establishes You as an Authority

Potential clients are impressed by colleagues who write a business book. Being a published business book author gives you added authority. You’re seen as an expert on the topic. Others are more likely to listen to your sales pitch or sign on for your services when you publish a business book. When you meet with potential clients, offer them a copy of your book. It makes a  better impression than a business card and won’t be lost in the shuffle. 

The Domino Effect

People tend to share books when they’re impressed with the content. A client reads your book, enjoys it, and passes it on to others who might be interested. If they don’t want to share the book itself, they’ll recommend it to others. This domino effect of readers sharing your book means more people hear your name and, in turn, hear about your business. 

A Business Book Provides Additional Revenue Streams 

Business writers often create their first title to share their knowledge and market their business. While they hope book sales will bring in a bit of extra cash, they don’t assume it will replace their primary source of income – the business they’re promoting through book sales. However, many business book authors discover that by establishing themselves as an authority figure through publishing a book, they also create additional revenue streams. Authoring a business book establishes you as an expert in your field, leading to opportunities to be a lecturer, keynote speaker, or consultant.

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– Gail Woodard