Writing takes discipline as well as talent and passion. Many writers find the most challenging part of writing is finding the discipline to write regularly. At Dudley Court Press, we have put together a fascinating new program, Writers Sprint, to keep your writing focus while getting expert guidance and support from author and publisher Gail Woodard.

What Does the Writers Sprint Offer?

This nine-week program isn’t an online course. It’s a group of writers getting together to encourage and support each other and help each other stay on track. By joining a Zoom session each week, you will be working actively with other writers, giving you accountability and a scheduled time to devote to writing. 

How Does it Work?

You can log into Zoom meetings twice a week for 90-minute writing sessions. During each Writers Sprint session, you’ll be encouraged in your writing journey through creativity boosters, the opportunity to focus on your own writing project, and, every Thursday, a Q&A session with author and publisher Gail Woodard.

What Tools Are Missing From Your Writer’s Toolbox?


Many writers say the hardest part of writing is feeling “all alone” as they struggle to get their thoughts on paper. When you participate in Writers Sprint, you’ll have the support of other writers who are invested in your success. Encouragement is as close as your next Zoom session.

Writers Sprint Gives You Accountability

If procrastination or avoidance is a problem, Writer’ Sprint is the discipline you need. You’ll be accountable to a group of fellow writers. Logging in regularly will keep you motivated and help you ditch your unhealthy procrastination habit. Accountability is a valuable tool to ensure you get from your book’s first word to the last page.

Enthusiasm Flourishes in Writers Sprint

The Writers Sprint also provides the energy and enthusiasm that is the hallmark of a successful writer. Joining a group of fellow others lets you feed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm for the craft of writing. Hearing other writers’ tales of obstacles they’ve overcome inspires and keeps you on track.

Expert Guidance

Finally, Gail Woodard is an incredible writer’s tool who very few people have the opportunity to work with. At the end of each Thursday session, members can pick Gail’s brain about the writing process, publishing, marketing, how to stay focused, or any other questions. It’s rare access to a successful author of multiple books as well as a highly regarded publisher.

Writers Sprint isn’t a writing class; it’s about finding the time and dedication to write what is already in your heart and mind. It is a series of writing sessions geared toward improving your output. It’s a support network and a source of motivation. It’s your opportunity to work alongside and learn from a published author as she works on her latest manuscripts. Writers Sprint is the writing program you can’t find anywhere else, the one that will spear you to better writing habits.

To learn more about Writers Sprint, visit our sign-up page. Writers Sprint is your program, allowing you to log in as often or as seldom as you like. Every Thursday, Gail will be available to answer questions from the group and offer encouragement. The next session starts on December 30th – start the New Year by giving yourself the gift of writing productivity with Writers Sprint!

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