When you think about ebooks, chances are you’re thinking of an Amazon Kindle ebook that you can read on an Amazon Kindle ebook reader, or so say the world’s sales statistics.

Move Over Amazon?

KoboAmazon.com isn’t the only place for ebooks. You can also find good ebooks to read at the Barnes and Noble Nook Store and Kobo.com. You’ve probably heard of Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store (though sales statistics reveal that you probably don’t shop there), but what’s that Kobo.com, you ask?

Kobo is a Canadian ebook company and a subsidiary of Rakuten. That’s a Japanese ecommerce company that is often compared to Amazon. You’ll likely hear more about them in the future, as they battle Amazon in the global marketplace over ebooks, groceries and other things, and team up with Walmart to do so.

New Corporate Best Friends

WalmartWalmart and Kobo have partnered up to sell Kobo’s ebooks and ebook readers to Walmart’s US customers both at Walmart’s stores and on Walmart’s website. They’ve also launched a co-branded ebook reading app.

Sorry, Did I Mention There’s an Ebook Sale Going On?

To kick off the new partnership, Walmart’s holding a big launch sale, which is on now until September 17th. During this time you can get six Dudley Court Press titles as Kobo ebooks for $1.99 each at any US Walmart store or on Walmart’s US website. Here’s the lineup:

Want to learn even more about Kobo? Next week we’ll be talking about how to open a Kobo account.

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