Your book is being published, and you’re building your author platform. No doubt, you have a website in place and are engaged in social media. (If you haven’t, it’s time to get started!) There are many ways to engage with readers online, but don’t neglect opportunities in print media.  They can create plenty of buzz around your book as well. In addition, most print magazines have an online presence as well. As a result, you get double the exposure from one well-written article.

The Advantages of Writing Magazine Articles

A publication that’s considered a niche magazine still has a circulation in the hundreds of thousands (Fancy Fowl magazine focuses strictly on poultry fanciers). In comparison, major magazines reach millions of readers. In most cases, you even get paid for contributing an article to the magazine. It doesn’t get much better than making money while building your author platform.

At the end of a magazine article, include a short bio even if it’s as simple as, “Margaret Lang is the author of A Fantastic New Book. You can follow her on Facebook at Margaret Lang, Author, or visit her website” Then don’t forget to cross-promote your article on your social media sites. For non-fiction books, articles establish you as an expert on the subject matter you’ve written about, adding to your credibility.

The only downside is the lead time needed to submit an article to a magazine. Most have their editorial calendar set months in advance,. You need to have a piece that ties into the season and their calendar months ahead of time. First, check their website for their calendar. Next, put together an article idea that fits their magazine and ties well with your book’s premise. Finally, submit it well in advance of the deadline to make sure it hits the editor’s desk in time to be considered for the right edition.

Choosing the Right Magazines to Boost Your Author Platform

Consider who the ideal readers are for your book. If the target audience is women over 40, you want to write for magazines with mostly female reader readers in this age range. You may wind up with readers of all ages but focus on reaching your target audience first.

Suppose your book is a guide to pet mobility. In this case, you can find dozens of pet magazines looking for contributors. Look for magazines that are breed-specific as well as publications for city dogs, country dogs, dog groomers, dog lovers, shelter dogs, and many more.

Write articles about specific concerns based on chapters of your book, creating teasers to encourage readers to visit your website. Ideally, readers buy your book to learn more.  Not all articles have to be directly related to your book. If you have expertise in related areas, writing about them broadens your base of knowledge in readers’ eyes. As a result, you have greater reach to write for a wider range of publications. In turn, writing for several different magazines strengthens your author platform and promotes your book to a new audience. Ultimately, new readers buy your books!

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