Uplifting fiction has never been more popular. Millions of readers are looking for fiction that not only tells a story but reassures them that people can rise above adversity and triumph. After finishing a book of uplifting fiction, readers have a warm, happy feeling. Life is good, and all is right with the world. It’s not surprising that in today’s confusing, often frightening, world, people are increasingly finding solace in uplifting fiction. Over the years, this genre has spawned a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of readers from all walks of life with varying interests.

Religious Uplifting Fiction

The most popular form of uplifting reading is religious, sometimes referred to as inspirational fiction. Most of these are Christian-based. The overarching theme of these stories is that God is the reason life is good. The storylines can be complex, with the message being that belief in a higher power is what gives meaning and joy to life. Whether the story is a mystery, romance, or thriller, the story’s culmination will include a nod to the importance of religion or belief in a higher power.


Misery Fiction

The words “misery” and “uplifting” don’t seem to go together, but there is a form of uplifting fiction that starts with misery and ends up being uplifting. Novels about someone starting life in miserable circumstances or experiencing intolerable cruelty may have an uplifting ending that assures the reader that triumph can prevail. Victory is often in the sense of love conquering all or the individual’s personal strength.

Gentle Uplifting Fiction

Novels written without overt violence, profanity, or sexual passages are sometimes classified as gentle fiction. The stories may have an element of drama or mystery, but the characters aren’t severely traumatized or in danger. Cozy mysteries are a popular kind of gentle fiction because it has intrigue that isn’t threatening and isn’t likely to trigger a fearful response.  Gentle, uplifting fiction includes titles like the “Anne of Green Gables” series.

Quirky Fiction

Uplifting fiction doesn’t have to be religious or all sweetness and light. Several famous authors write uplifting novels filled with quirky characters and lots of humorous situations. Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is witty, satirical, and uplifting. For readers who love an edgy personality with a dry sense of humor, Honeyman and writers like her inject self-effacing humor into their stories, making the characters more relatable for today’s readers who often have a sly take on life.

Uplifting fiction is about more than a happy ending for the characters in a story. Yes, there is a happy ending, but the theme is more universal. Appropriately written, an uplifting novel will not only have a feel-good ending, but it will also reassure the readers that the world is a good place, and they have the chance to create an extraordinary life for themselves. They won’t close the book and think, “Yay for them.” Readers will walk away thinking, “Yep, life is good.”

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– Gail Woodard