Book marketing is one aspect of publishing most writers don’t enjoy, but it’s essential to your book’s success. While you’re probably familiar with the more traditional book marketing methods (book signings, appearing at local events), you don’t have to be boxed in by conventional promotional ideas. There are many novel ways to promote your book We’ve put together some ideas that may appeal to you and your readers.

Virtual Book Tours

Virtual book tours are quickly becoming popular in the new, Covid-19 world. Some book tours are a collection of special guest blog posts or reviews set up to take advantage of popular sites focused on books. On more elaborate virtual book tours, you can talk about your book, interact with readers, and promote yourself as an author by touring online. You can appear on a wide range of online blogs in a book tour format. Several companies provide set-up and scheduling for online tours without leaving home.

Create Social Media Posts for Your Characters

If you’re publishing a fiction book, create a Facebook page or Twitter feed for the main characters. If there is a hero and a villain, Facebook pages that reveal the characters through their own perspectives can be a lot of fun. These pages are a great way to make your book come alive. Your characters can reveal motivations, fill in details of their past, and even comment (in character, of course!) on events of the day. This is particularly effective if you are publishing a book series.

Partner with a Cause

If your book is about pets, consider partnering with a shelter or other animal charity, donating a portion of your profits to a shared cause. Agree to cross-market with them, and you’ll be amazed by the new reach you’ll have. People are more likely to purchase your book if it supports a cause they are passionate about.

Advertise Your Expertise

Non-fiction writers can market themselves as experts on their topic through sites such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out). HARO is a service that matches reporters and bloggers with experts in a wide range of fields. Major players like Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, and ABC use HARO to find experts on every imaginable topic. Being quoted as an expert in your niche is sure to propel book sales. Also, consider approaching schools, colleges, universities, business organizations, and libraries that offer writing courses or workshops. Offer to speak about either your book topic or the writing process. 

Garner Interest with Short Stories

If you have an author page or website, publish a short story about one or more of the characters in your book every few weeks. These can be side stories that focus on aspects of their life not touched on in the book or provide background on the characters by revealing their past. Readers will become invested in the characters and want to buy your book to learn more. 

Sponsor Fan Contests

Offering prizes to your readers is always a hit. Move beyond simple drawings and get creative by inviting readers to actively participate in some way. A fan fiction contest based on a character can generate impressive buzz, as can something fun like a contest for people to submit fan art portraying one or more characters. Let people vote on their favorites. These contests can go viral, drawing in amateur artists and writers as well as readers.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring if you opt to pursue unusual methods of getting the word out about your book. While traditional methods are always a wise investment, newer, more unusual venues can set you and your book apart from the crowd.

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