E-publishing is growing in popularity every year and may soon overtake traditional print publishing in sales. Today’s authors are increasingly publishing in both print and e-book formats to reach a wider audience. Still, there are distinct differences writers must know about e-publishing to take full advantage of this trend.


Wider Reach (With the Right Marketing)

E-publishing reaches a wider potential audience because it is available no matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can download a book. Buyers can shop for and download an e-book on their laptop, tablet, or phone anytime, anywhere. By contrast, print books have to be either purchased at a store or ordered and shipped. 

With the broader reach, you have more opportunities to reach a wider audience, but you need to invest in making sure your eBook is found. That means, even though your book won’t be physically held and looked at, you’ll still need good cover art and an engaging synopsis or teaser that will make readers want to buy your book. You also want to work with a marketing expert who can help you show up in searches for books in your genre. Social media is also critical to making sure your book is found and downloaded.

The Need to Diversify Across Platforms

Digital books first became popular with the Kindle and other digital readers but are now available for tablets, e-readers, phones, laptops, and other digital devices. For maximum reach, writers need to offer content that will work across all or most devices. The digital analytics company App Annie recently revealed that in 2021 alone, mobile use has increased by 20%. There are also millions of book lovers who browse for and download e-books on laptops and desktops as well as tablets. Formats change depending on the type of device, so writers interested in e-publishing need to make sure their books are correctly formatted for various media options.

Audiobooks are a Growing Trend in E-Publishing

Most people think of e-publishing as e-books you download and read, but audiobooks are also part of the e-publishing landscape. Millennials, in particular, are downloading and listening to books while they commute to work, relax, and do chores. It’s multitasking that gives people more freedom while still enjoying the books they love. Audiobooks open up a whole new world for people with visual impairements. 

E-Publishing Has Many Players

There are dozens of e-publishing companies, with many of them small, independent businesses. The leaders, however, are Amazon KDP, Google, and Apple. These companies offer partnerships and joint publishing agreements with various traditional publishers, so be sure to talk to any traditional publishing house about what e-publishing options they offer.

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