“I intend to write a novel someday.”    – Thousands of wanna-be writers.

Writer implementation sessions are among the most important tools writers have for getting started and following through with their writing. They can transform you from one of the thousands who dream about writing to becoming a novelist or author of a nonfiction book.

So many of us have had an idea bouncing around in our brains for years. When we think about it, we tell ourselves that when we have more time, more money, more energy, more…something, then we’ll sit down and write a book. We intend to get to it, but the perfect time never seems to roll around. Or we get started, then stall out a few chapters into it. Life gets in the way, but we hope to get back to it at some point. This is one of the dangers of writing without a plan to keep the momentum going. 

Intention is Nothing Without Implementation

This is so important you should put it on a sign and hang it above your writing space! Until you get your story down on paper and share it with others, it’s an idea whose time has not yet come. Implementing your idea is imperative. It starts your journey from a great idea to a completed manuscript and, eventually, a published book. Writer Implementation programs guide you through the process of writing so that you can better organize your ideas, create an outline, begin writing, then follow through to the end. It’s easy to falter or become frustrated on your own. A writer implementation plan can keep you on track and moving forward.

The Value of Writer Implementation Programs

There are many ways being part of a writer implementation program will help you grow as a writer and help you reach your goals:

  • A community of other writers in a writer implementation group is inspirational. You’ll develop relationships with other writers who understand the struggles and share your dream of becoming published.
  • Some writing programs provide feedback that can help you polish your writing, give you a new perspective on your topic, and confirm whether you’re on the right track. 
  • Writer implementation sessions keep you focused and on track. They provide a schedule, so you won’t continue to procrastinate. It’s challenging to find enough time for writing, but when you have set goals and have to answer to your writer implementation group, you’re far more likely to complete each writing task on time, ensuring your momentum won’t stall.
  • There is focused energy in a writer implementation group that’s inspiring. You can tap into that positive energy and shared creativity.

Where Can You Find Writer Implementation Programs?

If you go local, ask your local college or university, public library, and arts council about writers’ groups and writing programs that focus on implementing writing strategies. You should also check out NaNoWriMo and their annual, thirty-day writing program that focuses on producing a novel in 30 days. If that challenge isn’t suitable for you, their blog and articles will provide plenty of other inspiration.

Here at Dudley Court Press, we offer our own writing implementation program featuring sessions guided by author and publisher Gail Woodard. The Writer’s Sprint helps you focus on your own writing project while working in an online, group setting with other writers. The energy and enthusiasm in our writer implementation program are contagious, and the feedback and guidance will be the impetus you need to move from intending to write to writing success. Join us!

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– Gail Woodard