You love to write. Putting words on the page satisfies you in many ways, but sometimes you grasp for topics. If you’ve run into a wall at times, frustrated that you aren’t sure what you should be writing about or worried that you’re writing about topics only of interest to you, you aren’t alone. Almost every writer goes on a quest for writing topics after they’ve completed their most recent project. If you’re in this position, take a step back and consider a few ways to rediscover why you’re writing in the first place.

Why Are You Writing?

You may discover your next writing topic by considering your reasons for writing. Do you write to be creative? Choose a topic you’ve already written about and try your hand at writing about it in a different style or genre. Do you want to capture the beauty of the world around you? Try your hand at writing poetry; it’s incredibly evocative and challenging and can get those creative ideas flowing again. Is writing a catharsis as you acknowledge a painful past? Relating personal stories that have stayed with you can give you a wide range of subjects for your writing.

What Writing Topics Are Important to You?

Whether it’s animals, a particular movie genre, painting, or traveling, the things you love are loved by others. Consider what you’re passionate about, then pick up your pen. Writing doesn’t always have to for publication. Just getting your thoughts down, even if it’s a journal entry about how much you loved working at the pet shelter, can inspire new writing topics for everything from a book to a magazine article. Your day at the shelter may lead you to write about the current funding crisis at pet shelters or a collection of essays about rescued pet success stories.

Read the News

The news is full of topics that are obviously of interest to others (or they wouldn’t be news!). Read the headlines and bullets on several different news feeds to see what others are discussing. Take the time to read conservative, liberal, traditional, and unconventional news sources. Browse the comments and ponder why these issues are trending. As you digest the information, you’ll form your own opinions – perfect writing topics that interest readers.

Questions to ask might include:

  • What’s so controversial about this issue?
  • What launched this issue into the spotlight?
  • Do the comments fall along particular demographic lines? If so, why?
  • Who will this impact, and how?
  • Will there be a fall-out from this with repercussions for those involved?
  • How would you have handled the situation?
  • What is the history behind this issue?

Look at the World Around You

During a typical day, it’s easy to operate on auto-pilot. You drive to the grocery store and pharmacy, pick up the grandkids at daycare, throw in some laundry. While you’re performing routine tasks, you may be missing potential writing inspiration. The next time you drive into town, take in the sights around you. When you spot a young girl sitting on the stoop of an abandoned house, create her story. Is she a runaway? Did she lose her family somehow? Is she crashing in the house or waiting to meet someone secretly? Is there a corner of the library for lost items? What is the story behind the hand-painted backpack? Why wasn’t it ever picked up? Who made it? Look for stories to tell in the smallest of moments for the seeds of writing topics.

Ask Yourself “What Would Happen If…”

The “what ifs” in life are exciting. They can be inspiring or terrifying, but they’re never dull. Consider your own life and the lives of those around you. Ask what would happen if those lives changed in an instant. What if the police showed up at your door with a warrant? How would you help if your neighbor’s child was kidnapped? If you see the face of a friend on a Wanted Poster, what’s your reaction? What if you get lost on vacation in a strange city?

Finding new writing topics can be as easy as paying attention to the lives around you and asking the right questions.

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