Many writers working on a manuscript look ahead to the idea of finding a publisher with anticipation. They dream of quickly finding a willing publisher who will immediately see their book’s value and publish it. While this sometimes happens, just as many writers are disappointed when publishers aren’t enthusiastic. It may be that the concept and the bones of the book are great, but your book isn’t quite there yet. There are some stumbling blocks to publishing your book you have to overcome.

Lack of an Author Platform

You can publish your book, but if you don’t have a robust author platform set up in advance, your book will languish. Not having a robust platform in place is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to successfully publishing and selling your book. You should have a strong presence on social media, radio, in trade journals, on your own website (where you blog regularly about your book), in local print media, and in any other relevant forms of media that can get your name and your book in front of the public to establish you as an authority and a writer.

Lack of Commitment to the Business End of Writing

Publishing requires more than choosing a publishing company and letting them handle the rest, particularly if you’re working with a hybrid publishing company. For non-fiction and memoir writers, hybrid publishing is usually the best route. With hybrid publishing, you become a part of the publishing team. Your input is valued every step of the way for everything from the jacket cover design to your bio’s wording. Make sure you are willing to commit to taking part in every stage of the publishing process to ensure a successful publication.

Rough Manuscripts are One of the Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Publishing Your Book

Publishers receive hundreds of manuscripts every year. Most of the ones they reject are because the works aren’t polished enough. Perhaps they have a decent concept, but too much work is required to polish it for publication. For traditional publishers, this is the kiss of death. They don’t have the time to hold a writer’s hand through rewrites. They aren’t willing to guide an unknown writer through the learning curve.

Take the time to reread your manuscript and refine it before submitting it for publication. Hire someone to proofread it. At Dudley Court Press, we offer our in-house editors’ services. We also guide you throughout the publishing process. Our team makes recommendations regarding publishing, distributing, and marketing  for your book. Dudley Court Press offers a free consultation to evaluate where you are in the writing process. We help you determine what the biggest stumbling block to publishing your book is so that we can help you overcome any issues.

From start to finish, Dudley Court Press helps you overcome the most common stumbling blocks to publishing your book successfully.