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What happens during a Strategy Session?

strategic book planningFirst, we talk about your book project so that we can understand:

  • What you are hoping to accomplish,
  • Where you are in the process,
  • Who your intended audience is,
  • How you want to produce your book,
  • What you expect in terms of marketing, distribution and sales of your book and, of course,
  • Your budget for all of this.

If you’ve already prepared a manuscript or even an outline, we like to review that before the Strategy Session session.

What do people walk away with after a Strategy Session?

While it depends a bit on what they come in with, generally when we finish a Strategy Session, the client has:

  • Clarity about the book they want to write,
  • A preliminary timetable for completion,
  • Clarity about the options for their books format(s),
  • Clarity about the publishing choices and requirements and
  • Clarity about the marketing needs so that the book will successfully meet the author’s goals.

Is the Strategy Session appropriate for fiction writers as well as non-fiction writers?

What we know and do at Dudley Court Press is relevant to fiction and non-fiction authors alike. Strategic thinking and planning are just as important for fiction authors as they are for an author of non-fiction. We help set strategy and clarify the economics for any author. That’s what we do in the Strategy Session.

Gail not only shaped my book and made my message clear and concise…

“In my coaching work with Gail, she not only shaped my book and made my message clear and concise, she also gave me a super subtitle that nailed the topic.” – Greg O’Donnell, founder, BFD Business Finance & Development

What happens after a Strategy Session?

create your publishing strategyThat depends on what the client wants to do. Anyone who goes through a Strategy Session has a roadmap that will take them where they said they want to go. Some people want to take the journey on their own, by self-publishing.

Other authors decide they’d like some help along the way. That’s why we offer Author Coaching Programs to help authors through the writing of the book, Publishing Services to help with the actual production and publication of the book and ongoing Marketing Services to support the long-term success of our clients’ books. We focus a lot of attention on marketing early in the process as well, by the way, building critical elements of marketing into every book we publish.

Whatever route you decide to take with your book project, a Strategy Session can give you confidence about what you are doing and sure footing on your publishing path.

Ready to move forward?

The first step is to set up some time to talk.

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