Consider what writing a memoir could mean for you.

Have you ever thought about writing about your life? About writing down and recording all those interesting experiences you’ve had and the unique memories you’ve made? If the answer is yes, then I highly encourage you to consider writing your own memoir and telling that story that needs to be told—your story. It will be the start of an exciting new journey.

Memoirs are written accounts of one’s own life stories. Unlike an autobiography, which covers all of a person’s life from birth until the present, a memoir is typically more selective and more personal in nature. A memoir will focus on particular moments or themes, such as a person’s career, marriage, travels or war-time experiences. But why might you want to write one?

Today I’d like to share with you five great reasons why you should start writing your memoirs today.

Revisit Your Best Hits

Some memories are so wonderful that they are simply a pleasure to revisit.

You may smile at a certain memory that comes flooding back to you by looking at a photo, smelling a specific scent or even just reading the name of a particular person or place. However, writing a memoir will go further than that. It will allow you to take several strolls down memory lane and recapture those memories for all time in the form of a book.

You have earned those memories. Being able to reminisce over the good times and write them down is a beautiful reward. One that you can keep to yourself, or that you can share with others. The choice is yours.

Help Others

You can use your memoir to inspire others to survive—and to thrive.

Your life may have been a bed of roses. Or maybe not. But no matter how bad it was, I’m very glad to see that you’re still here with us. You managed to survive your trials and it’s clear that you learned a thing or three along the way.

Writing a memoir about what you’ve experienced and what you’ve overcome can not only help you see just how far you’ve come, but it can help others who are facing similar challenges. You can help them find the courage and the strength to conquer whatever trials have been put in their path.

This can be a good way to give back if someone supported you along your journey. Or if not, you can pay it forward and be generous in your support of others.


Writing a memoir is a golden opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Writing a memoir can help you to understand yourself and your own life better. It’s a process that will require recollection, reflection and analysis.

You can take the time to determine how you feel about different events, people, experiences, priorities and decisions that have been a part of your life. And perhaps even reflect on some of the roads not traveled. What have you done well? What have you done less well? Is there anything you, perhaps, would have done differently?

Writing a memoir is an adventure that gives you the time and the space to figure out all these questions for yourself.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift for Family and Friends

Writing a memoir is a very special gift for your loved ones that they will treasure for years and years to come. Let me show you why.

A friend recently stumbled upon two newspapers from decades ago, tucked into the front pocket of one of his father’s suitcases. The newspapers featured interviews with his grandfather who ran a hotel in Florida for nearly thirty years. As he read those interviews, he learned new things about his grandfather, interesting things that made him feel closer to him and his family, and he would have liked to know more. He would have liked to have had more of the blanks of his family’s life filled in for him. If only his grandfather had written a memoir! Will you give that gift to your family?

A memoir lets you slow down and share the finer details of your life—away from the hustle and bustle of daily living—so that your family, friends and loved ones can all learn more about you and your journey and their place beside you. Give them that gift!

Take Your Place in History

Writing a memoir will also help to cement your place in history.

History is populated with lots of great men and women who have accomplished great things and are often written about in school books and history books. But history is also full of all the lives, experiences and decisions of more ordinary people who live in this world, filling it with their own hopes, their hard work and their wisdom. (Anne Frank is just one example of an ordinary person who became extraordinary through her writing.)

Writing a memoir will allow you the opportunity to leave a greater mark on this world. After all, never forget that you’re a person who came from a specific place, a member of a particular generation, a person who lived through certain events and a person with many, many interesting and personal stories to share.

Like life itself, writing one’s memoirs is a journey, and a highly worthwhile one at that. Your reason for it may not be the same as mine, but still it’s what keeps us going, keeps us writing and walking towards greater glory.

I wish you every success for your memoir!

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