You’ve written your book. It’s been accepted for publication. Now you can sit back and watch it fly off the shelves, right? Wrong. The journey is not over. Readers have to know about your book so that they can purchase it. Notice that I didn’t say, “readers have to find your book.” Waiting to be found is a losing proposition. You have to introduce your book to potential readers. Book marketing is proactive.

This sounds daunting for most writers, who are amazed they found time to write a book. Now they need to market it and wonder how they fit this into their already busy lives. There are solutions, but each requires discipline and devotion on your part. Here are some suggestions.

Take Breaks from Writing to Focus on Marketing

You may already have an idea for your next book, but don’t neglect the current one. Although you’d probably rather be writing, you need to set aside a portion of each day for book marketing. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it needs to be consistent. Perhaps 30 minutes to an hour on social media and email marketing.

Creative Scheduling of Book Marketing Events

Keep occasional dates open for book signings, appearances on radio or podcasts, and other book marketing events that take up larger chunks of time. Your publisher can help you schedule these events so that you know well in advance to plan around them. Many writers with families plan weekend getaways or a fun activity for the evening following a book marketing event. Will your spouse be away on a business trip for several days? Consider using some of that time to focus on book marketing.

Prioritize Book Marketing

We all need some downtime, but how often do we start with a bit of relaxation that turns into a significant time suck? Watching a television show can turn into binging. A bit of internet surfing turns into hours online. Use that time for book marketing instead, rewarding yourself with your favorite activity after you’ve put in some time on your marketing efforts. Doing the marketing first is best – you won’t put it off, and an incentive is built into treating yourself afterward.

Write a blog post or update your author’s page on social media while waiting for your kids at their sports practice. Wake up an hour earlier a few days a week, and devote it to book marketing efforts—no excuses for laundry or other activities. Specific goals can help with this. Aim to gain additional Facebook friends, grow your Twitter following, or land a guest blog post, then celebrate each achieved goal.

Work with a Hybrid Publisher

Hybrid publishers work closely with their writers to map out a successful book marketing plan. Be sure to use their expertise to craft an effective approach that works without wasting your valuable time. They can offer guidance and support, so the time you spend marketing your book leads to impressive sales.

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