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Some Other Options For You2021-03-09T10:58:04-07:00

Thank you for answering our questions!

Congratulations on your writing efforts. We want to help you on your journey as an author.

Your responses indicate that Dudley Court Press may not be the best fit as your publisher. We focus on publishing

  • Uplifting fiction

  • Non-Fiction, particularly alternative health and wellness, spirituality, travel, business and other categories from time to time

  • Memoir

However, we don’t want to leave you high and dry.

We have quite a few resources for aspiring authors.


Please look around and see if you can find something that helps!

Visit our Articles page for blog posts regarding aspects of the writing process. Posts include an array of subjects for whatever your book project may be and for whatever step in the process you find yourself.

Here’s some of the latest…

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 Visit the Resources page to discover more resources for your writing project. There, you will find the following:


Memoir Writing Made Easy

10-week home study course for non-writers.

Start the program

Assisted Self-Publishing Program

We ensure your book is professionally self-published with YOU as the publisher.

Find out more


Do I Have Anything Unique to Say?

Find out if you are ready to write and sell a book.

Download Now

9 Things Publishers Want

Read this BEFORE you approach a publisher.

Download Free Guide


15 Tips for Novice Fiction Writers

Basics you need to know if you’re just getting started as a fiction writer.

Download Free Guide

9 Things Publishers Want

Read this BEFORE you approach a publisher.

Download Free Guide

Lead Generation

(revised program launching mid-2021)

Write YOUR Lead Generation Book

Currently in development.

Steps to Publishing a Book

The Successful Author System That Guarantees Your Book Project Will Succeed!

Download now

Aspiring Author to Published Pro

Currently in development. (revised program launching fall 2021)

Interview with Barbara McNichol

A 30-minute audio interview with Barbara McNichol, a professional editor on editing techniques (while this is memoir-focused, the interview provides lots of valuable information regarding editing!)

Book Lover’s Circle

Meet DCP authors. Review their books. Contribute as a beta reader. Help choose cover designs. And more!

Join the community
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Keep in touch with us!

Do you have a different project that’s more in line with what we publish? This includes uplifting fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. We would love to hear from you again!

Do you know of someone who has a book project that is in line with the kinds of books Dudley Court Press publishes? We would love your referral!

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