If you’re like most adults in America (86% by one report), you’ve thought about writing a book and getting it published. However, you haven’t done it yet.

It’s time to change that! I’d like to share with you some inspiration to help you move forward with your own book project and talk about some of the rewards of being a published author. In my experience, the most common rewards include: a sense of accomplishment, the chance to share your message, professional recognition and passive income.

Isn’t it time you became a published author too?

#1: A Sense of Accomplishment

Holding that book in your hands for the first time, you’ll instantly know that all the hard work of writing it has been worth the energy. There’s nothing in the world like seeing your goal of writing and getting a book published made reality right before your very eyes.

The moments you might have struggled to find the right words or persevere with your book project when there were other demands on your time will have been worth it. You will have set a goal, done the work and reaped the rewards.

You will have the right to be proud of what you have done – to become a published author with a message to share – and the right to feel that enormous sense of accomplishment!

#2: The Chance to Share Your Message

Writing a book and getting it published allows you to share your message with others. It shows your commitment to something that you care strongly about and contributes your point of view to a larger conversation.

In fact, the chance to share your message with the world can be considered an act of service. For example, raising awareness about a particular issue or shedding light on a story that needs to be told can make a difference both in your life and in the lives of others.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is not a popular saying for nothing.

As a published author, sharing your message with the world can be powerful – and a unique reward.

#3: Professional Recognition

By writing a well-conceived, well-edited book on a topic about which you are knowledgeable, you will be considered an instant expert.

Think about it. When you write and properly publish a book based on your wisdom – a how-to or advice book for example – you can immediately gain more professional recognition and credibility in your field. As a published author, you become more visible; you are perceived as more qualified and more trusted. With that increased credibility, more professional opportunities become available to you.

A few examples of how your professional influence can expand when you are a published author include speaking at conferences, being interviewed by journalists, leading workshops and landing more clients.
Lee Albert, DCP author, experienced an increase in attendees at his workshops, more recognition from his peers and a greater sense of self-confidence after his first book, Live Pain-free without Drugs or Surgery, was published. In March 2018, Lee and his second book, Yoga for Pain Relief, will be featured in a PBS special with Peggy Cappy.

#4: Passive Income

As a published author, you can make some money from your book.

Authors earn book royalties – a type of passive income – from every sale of their book. The work to produce a book, such as writing, editing and design, is largely done up front. After that, authors can enjoy the fruits of their labor by earning a return on their investment in the form of book royalties.

While most book authors will never make a full-time income from writing books, whatever amount of money you earn will make you feel great about the work that you’ve done and will help to cover the costs of getting your book published.

Every time I receive money from the purchase of one of my books, it feels like a special gift. I know that someone else is interested in what I have to say and, happily, money ends up in my bank account. For me, it’s just one more reason to be proud of my books and my work.

Become a Published Author

These are just some of the rewards of being a published author. When you write your own book and get it published, you will undoubtedly discover additional rewards that are unique to you.

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