“Everyone should plant a tree, have a child and write a book.” While this idea, or variations on it, has been attributed to numerous people over the years, the idea behind it is as current as ever. I believe that we all want our efforts, our knowledge and the sacrifices we make for the world around us to live on in some way.

While planting a tree is arguably the easiest of the three tasks, writing a book I think is the most worthwhile for whichever stage of life you might find yourself in.

Hybrid publishing, as I’ve discussed before, is a modern form of publishing that combines the best of both worlds from traditional publishing and self-publishing.

As the author of four books and a hybrid publisher who focuses on authors with a message to share, I find that publishing a book, getting it into the hands of friends and strangers alike, and hearing how those books have positively affected them gives me great joy like no other. And those books will live on, like others have. I’m sure you still remember the effect certain books published long ago had on you, your career or your life.

Today I’d like to share that joy with you and reveal the five most important steps to publishing a book with a hybrid publisher.

Know Why You Want to Write a Book

Some people approach a hybrid publisher with a finished book manuscript in hand, while others only have a vague idea for the book they wish to write. Either way, if you’d like to publish a book, then the first and most important thing is for you to have a solid grasp of WHY you want to publish a book. What is your motivation? What is driving you to the idea of writing and publishing a book? And is it strong enough to keep you going past the finish line?

Decide What You Can Bring to a Book Audience

“Build it and they will come.” While that worked for Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams, individual authors today can’t count on that kind of thinking – no matter how good their book may be. In our new on-demand world, authors have to find their audience before the audience can find them.

I encourage you to sit down and carefully think about all of your talents, your networks, your connections and your strong suits – everything that may help you to find an audience for your book. For example: Are you part of a book club? Do you have your own podcast or radio show? Are you a popular yoga teacher? Do you own a local coffee shop?

Whatever it is, the question is: What can you do, or what are you willing to do, to give your future audience a reason to find your particular book?

One of the differences between self-publishing and hybrid publishing is that with hybrid publishing you don’t have to go it alone. Hybrid publishing provides you with a team that’s on your side. They should want to sell your book as much as you do.

Now that you’ve considered what you can bring to the table, think about what else you need. How much help do you need from your publisher for the audience size you wish to have? Can your hybrid publisher do that?

Choose a Hybrid Publisher Who Gets You

Publishers are not all alike, and the same is true of hybrid publishers. Hybrid publishers may differ in what types of books they publish, what book markets they cater to, what types of authors they work with, their submission and selection processes, how hands-on they are during the writing phase, how much marketing support they provide, etc.

Whichever publisher you decide on, choose a hybrid publisher that you and your future published book will feel at home with. Choose a hybrid publisher who gets you and can provide what your book will need to be successful.

Work on Your Book with the Help of Your Publisher

No matter what stage your book is at right now, this is when you’ll work on fleshing it out and giving your book your all. Your publisher should guide you along the way, helping you to whip that book into shape and into something you’ll be proud of. This might include strategy sessions, several rounds of editing or, in some cases, even helping you to hire a ghostwriter.

Once the book manuscript is finalized, your hybrid publisher will put it into production and your book will acquire its final physical and/or digital form.

While current technology means that the book production process is now cheaper and quicker than it was in the past, it also means that there are more books in the marketplace and more books to compete with. These days new authors often need the help that only a professional hybrid publisher can provide.

Market Your Book with the Help of Your Publisher

To successfully get your book into the hands and hearts of strangers, you’ll need to turn on your marketing machine. But what do I mean by this?

Your marketing machine is the carefully-crafted plan and execution that will get your book to where you want it to be in terms of sales, reviews or whatever metric(s) for success that you choose. But like real machines, the most successful ones have been designed and built by a team.

You and your hybrid publisher should sit down and create a detailed marketing plan that makes sense for your particular book, for your strengths as the author and for the strengths of the publisher, and then execute that plan consistently. Regular marketing by all parties involved is the key to a book’s long-term success.

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