Change lives, inspire others and share your message with the world, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

Have you noticed that many rich and famous people write books? Celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and others. They typically have social media accounts and ready access to media reporters, so why would they choose to do that – to write a book – instead of just sending out a tweet or a press release and calling it a day? Celebrities do have other things they could be doing with their time and resources. But the simple fact is that books hold a powerful sway over the human imagination.

Books change lives. They provide information. They change minds. They inspire. All in all, books do things in ways that other mediums can’t quite match. Yet, as celebrities and others have repeatedly shown us, you don’t necessarily have to be a practiced writer to express yourself and bring a worthwhile book into the world. Non-writers can also get in on the fun.

Non-writers today can absolutely publish a successful and meaningful book, and have it be a perfect vehicle for change and inspiration. In this blog article, I’ll show you two of the most common ways that non-writers can turn their ideas into a successful, meaningful published book.

Harness the Raw Ingredient: Passion

Some writers write because they love to write; they feel the call of the pen between their fingers and the writing process itself gives them great satisfaction. But many others write for the results instead; after all, writing is arguably the most powerful tool we have as humans. Writing can transmit knowledge, influence readers, shape opinions and inspire others who hear the message.

If you have lots of passion for your subject and sharing your message with others, then with some earnest effort, your passion should be able to more than make up for what you might lack in natural writing ability and inclination. After all, a person can’t write if they have nothing to say! Without the right content ideas and the expertise to drive it, a book is just a collection of pretty words. But if you have something important to say, your passion should be able to guide your fingers to try and put that passion on paper and share what you know with others. Through writing you can express your thoughts, feelings, knowledge, wisdom, theories, experiences, etc. And if you get stuck or you’re not sure that you’re writing in the right direction, then you can always get help.

Use a Little Help from Your Friends: Ghostwriters and Editors

If you wanted to renovate your house, but you weren’t familiar enough with the electrical wiring or plumbing, you would surely call in a professional to help you achieve the desired result. The same should be true of putting out a great book. If you want to become a published author and successfully share your message with the world, but writing is not your strong suit, then a professional writer or editor under the guidance of a good publisher can turn your ideas, or your first draft, into a wonderful, well-written book.

Do you remember the celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and others that we mentioned at the beginning of this article? It’s an open secret that most – if not all of them – use the services of a ghostwriter or a strong editor to get their message out directly into the public’s hands.

In fact, there are several routes to producing a great book with the help of a ghostwriter. If you need more direct assistance, you might provide the ghostwriter with an outline or notes that lay out your ideas for the book. Or you could sit down for a series of one-on-one interviews with the ghostwriter. Then using your ideas, your message and an agreed-upon style and tone, the ghostwriter can produce the book that you had previously only been imagining. Otherwise, if you already have a first draft, a ghostwriter or a strong editor can edit and polish your existing work to perfection and make it 110% ready for its closeup with the public.

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