ivilization is changing at an incredible rate. Technology both increases our connectivity and contributes to our feelings of isolation. With the world growing smaller every day, memoirs are more relevant than ever. They create bonds, enhance understanding, and provide power in ways not possible in most other mediums.

Personal Perspectives

Today’s average person meets more people in a year than most people did in a lifetime just two centuries ago. With so many people from various backgrounds coming together, memoirs provide personal perspectives that educate those around us. The many events happening around us can seem impersonal until we read from the perspective of an individual who has gone through them. Experiencing a historical moment through another’s eyes gives it immediacy.

Memoirs Provide Inspiration

Anyone facing a challenge or suffering from a loss can find inspiration in the pages of memoirs. Shared experiences are powerful motivators. Tales of overcoming the odds and triumphing over adversity can inspire us to persevere. No other format is more encouraging, simply because a memoir is written by someone you can relate to because they are “just like you.”

Insights into Other Ways of Life

Memoirs written by individuals from other cultures or backgrounds are a window into their lives. They allow us to get a glimpse of lives far removed from our own experiences. When you read these memoirs, you gain insight into their culture, family structure, ideologies, beliefs, and other facets of their lives. Through these insights, a greater understanding of the “otherness” of those around us can help us build bridges of understanding, inclusion, and empathy. 

Learn from Others’ Mistakes Through Their Memoirs

As we go through life, we make painful mistakes. Reading the memoirs of others who have traveled down paths similar to ours can help us avoid the same mistakes. The stories of how others have tried, failed and moved forward can open our eyes to alternative paths. Memoirs can be cautionary tales.

Memoirs Give Power to the Powerless

A memoir can be written by anyone regardless of their social status, income, education, or place in the world. For those who are most powerless in society – the disaffected, the homeless, the oppressed, those outside the norms – memoirs are an outlet giving them the power they don’t otherwise have. 

“Spilled Milk,” by K.L. Randis, empowers a woman who grew up abused and abandoned by social services to reveal the problems within a system she couldn’t rely on or control. By unmasking those shortcomings, she opens up a dialogue about what needs to change.

“I Am Malala: How One Girls Stood Up for Education and Changed the World,” by Malala Yousafzai, brought the educational struggles of women in Pakistan and the oppressive regime of the Taliban onto the international stage. 

Catharsis and Personal History

The importance of memoirs to those reading them is undeniable. There is also a compelling need for many people to write a memoir, even if it never reaches a broad audience. Writing a memoir can provide catharsis for those who have been through trauma or are facing changes in their lives. It can also help them clarify their thoughts and safely analyze their life experiences. Family members and loved ones who read a personal memoir by someone they know can gain insight into the writer they may otherwise never have understood.

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