Meet the DCP Team

Gail Woodard CEO

Gail Woodward is the CEO and Publisher at Dudley Court Press. Gail started the company in the fall of 2008, and its success is a reflection of her own! She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Albertus Magnus College and an MBA from Yale. Prior to starting her own publishing company, Gail spent her career in the corporate world among bankers, realtors, in the homeschooling world, as she homeschooled her 3 sons, and abroad, as she lived and traveled abroad.

In her free time, Gail loves to travel, hike, go on long walks, and continue the learning process of how to be a grandmother! She lives in Sonoita, Arizona with her partner, Bob, and plays where the deer and the antelope play!

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Winsome Lewis Publishing Coordinator

Winsome Lewis is Dudley Court Press’s Publishing Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music, a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality, and a Master of Arts in English from the University of Northern Colorado. Her experience in administrative work and publishing began with The CEA Critic, a Scholarly Journal published through Johns Hopkins University, where Winsome served as the Editorial Assistant, communicating with authors, proofreading manuscripts, and maintaining publishing schedules and deadlines. She has worked with McGraw Hill as a Product Development Coordinator. She joined the Dudley Court Press team in 2020.

Winsome currently resides in Brighton, Colorado with her dog, Bernie. She enjoys partaking in all of the activities Colorado offers, including snowboarding, hiking, whitewater rafting, and soaking in the sun!

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