Lee Albert was invited to write a book about his effective healing methods. Now he’s the author of two popular books and has been featured in a PBS special.

Here’s what he had to say about his successful publishing journey with Dudley Court Press:

“Hey, guys! Lee Albert here. I’m a licensed massage therapist and founder of Integrated Positional Therapy. A technique that quickly and easily brings your body back into balance and out of pain.

In 2012 Gail Woodard, publisher at Dudley Court Press, asked me to write a book about my methods after she had a pretty cool healing experience with me. I didn’t know how to write and wasn’t even sure where to start.

With Gail’s help I wrote Live Pain-free, which quickly became a top selling book at Kripalu Institute for Yoga and Health. My second book with Dudley Court Press, Yoga for Pain Relief, led to my work being featured in a PBS special.

I trust Dudley Court Press. I know that they are looking out for my interests as an author. If you’re looking for a great publishing partner, I highly recommend them.”

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