After the success of his first title, Live Pain-free Without Drugs or Surgery, now Lee Albe"Yoga for Pain Relief" book coverrt is back with a new life-changing book. Gail Woodard sat down with Lee to talk about the book and his writing journey.

Gail Woodard: Lee, you have authored your second book, Yoga for Pain Relief: A New Approach to an Ancient Practice, which will be released by Dudley Court Press on June 1, 2017. What’s it like to hold the first copy of your finished book in your hand?

Lee Albert: I’m very excited. It’s extremely satisfying to receive the final product. The book looks even better than I imagined. I’m delighted with the design – both interior and exterior. The cover design immediately grabs your eye. I look forward to sharing this information with my readers and spreading my inspiring message.

GW: What caused you to want to write Yoga for Pain Relief?

Lee Albert: As a yoga teacher and a neuromuscular therapist, I saw there was a need to help people understand that they could use their yoga practice in a more therapeutic way to achieve superior results and at the same time reduce or eliminate many painful conditions in the body. The knowledge I present in the book is not fully understood in most yoga classes. This knowledge can help anyone live with less pain and stress in their everyday life.

GW: What are your hopes for this second book?

Lee Albert: I hope that this book will start a conversation about the best practices to use in yoga from a therapeutic standpoint. I hope that by applying the knowledge in my book about the body and the effects a yoga practice has on the body, those who practice yoga, and even those who don’t, can achieve a balanced, pain-free body.

GW: How long did it take you to write this book?

Lee Albert: I have been wanting to write this book for many years. I started playing with ideas in my mind and about three years ago I started putting them on paper. Slowly but surely the ideas started to get organized and the book was on its way to a finished product. I am also working full-time and have a busy life. I always tell people that if I didn’t have to work I probably could have finished the book in eight to twelve months.

GW: Since you’ve now written two books, what advice do you have for people who think they want to write a book?

Lee Albert: My first piece of advice is if you are going to write a book, make sure you are writing about something you have a passion for. Passion will sustain you on those days when the words just aren’t flowing. My second piece of advice is to just start writing your thoughts on paper. Don’t over think it. The book will probably turn out substantially different from the way you first imagined it.

GW: How did the publication of your first book, Live Pain-free Without Drugs or Surgery impact your life?

Lee Albert: After the book was released, I had more recognition as a therapist. I had more respect for my knowledge from my peers. I also had an increase in clients who wanted to see me on a one-to-one basis. I had more offers for speaking engagements and for teaching people how to be pain-free. Add that all together with the extra income from book sales and it became much easier to pay the bills at the end of each month!

Lee Albert, NMT

Lee Albert, NMT

GW: What have you learned about writing and publishing books that you never imagined before you wrote and published your first book?

Lee Albert: Since I had never written anything longer than an essay before, I imagined it was going to be difficult to write an entire book. I didn’t know how much help it would be to have a team on my side. From the editors to the designers to the publisher, you and your team at Dudley Court Press sure made it easy. You kept me on track and answered my questions promptly. You had plenty of valuable suggestions. You made sure that my book would be the best book it could possibly be.

GW: Thank you for those kind words. Can you share a couple of anecdotes about your life as a published author?

Lee Albert: I’ve noticed that having a book is far more effective in advertising my services than having a business card or a brochure. Anyone can make a business card but those few who have written a book truly have the upper hand when it comes to marketing. People are more likely to listen to someone who has written a book. You have more credibility.

GW: Anything else you’d like to share about your experiences writing and publishing your books?

Lee Albert: I never imagined that I would ever write a book and now I have written two. Writing these books has given me a feeling of pride and accomplishment. I am delighted that I am now able to share my ideas and techniques with a much larger audience and thus I am now able to help people I have never even met. My utmost gratitude to you and your team at Dudley Court Press for believing in me and your encouragement that made it all possible.

GW: You’re most welcome, Lee. We’re proud to have been able to help bring your important message and teachings to a broader audience. 

Lee’s books are available on Amazon and can be purchased in bulk at a substantial discount through the DCP Book Catalogue page.