In The Middle (Muddle)

The Muddle

You started with an idea. You wrote pages and pages. You’re starting to feel you might actually have a book with promise. Now you’re wondering how to get all this writing into the actual form of a book. And what to do with it, once it is a book.

That’s the muddle that aspiring authors run into. The point where all you see is a black box. A mystery.

We’d like to help clear up the mystery.

Book Authors In-The-Making Are Left To Fend For Themselves

Unlike people who follow their dreams in athletics or theatre or science or dance, writers and authors don’t have visible tracks to follow. There are no regional to state to national championships in book publishing. There are few competitions or exhibitions or even America’s Got Talent auditions for authors.
Book authors in-the-making are left to fend for themselves.

You have to figure it all out on your own.

So you spend hours researching ‘how to publish my book’ on the internet.

And you are led to believe that you can:

“Write your book in a weekend!”

“Publish your book and see it on the shelf next to your favorite authors!”

“Self-publish your book for practically free!”

“Become a best-selling author by next weekend!”

You may want to believe all of those promises but you know better.

Who Can You Trust?

Who can you trust to tell you the truth?

Where can you turn for advice and support that will lead you to YOUR goal?

“Gail Woodard at Dudley Court Press has been my great partner in this venture. She was the voice of both compassion and reality. I am not a full time writer; but my ideas are full time and a book is one way to get them transferred to other people. I chose to work with Gail in no small part because she understood how my writing would fit into the overall picture of my work.”

Martha Johnson – Former Administrator, US Government Services Administration. Founder of ChapterNext, Executive Coaching. Author of On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation and Personal Resilience and co-author, Navigating an Organizational Crisis

May We Help You?

At Dudley Court Press, we are committed to helping thoughtful people become successful authors.
We tell the truth about publishing, and what it takes to become a successful author today.

After hours of research, you may feel more confused and overwhelmed than when you started. Panic and frustration may lead you to give up your dream or make regretful decisions.

Regardless of the kind of book you are writing, you need to get a few things right:

  • Get the product (your book) right;
  • Know who your audience is and where to find them;
  • Know why you’re writing the book;
  • Be ready to market your book for as long as you want to sell it.

A Gift For You

This FREE book will help

If you’re in the middle—or the muddle—we’ve got a gift for you.

We invite you to read Steps to Publishing a Book. You’ll get the full picture of what you need to successfully publish your book. After you’ve read the book, let us know what you think.

As your first step on your publishing journey, please read my book, Steps to Publishing a Book. It’s my gift to you. You’ll discover the important steps you’ll need to take to confidently publish YOUR book.