The publishing landscape constantly shifts to meet market needs. In recent years, hybrid publishing has become more critical than ever, with 2021 promising to be a break-out year. After a pivotal year that has affected personal lives, careers, and industries worldwide, the publishing industry is poised for transformation and a shift toward the hybrid model for several reasons.

Mergers Mean Fewer Opportunities

The Big Five in the publishing industry tend to focus on sales and mainstream publishing. With new mergers on the horizon, there will be less opportunity for unknown and indie authors. Even traditional authors will feel the sting when overlapping imprints and duplicate niches are combined. Publishing houses have to pick and choose who they keep and who they cut loose. Hybrid Publishing will give new writers and seasoned authors looking for a new home a safe place to land.

Electronic Books Sales are Increasing

Kindle readers and tablets are increasingly popular every year, but the pandemic has caused a surge in sales. People isolated at home have turned to eBooks when they can’t make it to bookstores. The ease of downloading and a nearly limitless selection online have boosted sales even more. Hybrid publishers will grow in tandem with the popularity of electronic books since many hybrid publishers emphasize digital sales and marketing and put a premium on marketing to this audience.

Hybrid Publishing Offers Quicker Turn-Arounds

Change is historically slow at big publishing houses. While these publishers try to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s trending, they can’t pivot quickly. Interest in topics relating to everything from coping with “the new normal” to shifting careers will inspire both new and seasoned writers to produce books. While it can take a year or more to get a text from manuscript to publication at a major publisher, hybrid publishing can take a book to market in just months.

Entrepreneurs Are Attracted to Hybrid Publishing

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and industry experts in most fields are increasingly looking to hybrid publishing as a way to boost their brand. Major publishing houses aren’t interested in these niche, non-fiction writers. They are perceived as time-consuming to work with because they need a bit more guidance while their market share is negligible. In 2021, hybrid publishers are happy to help writers market to their clients or customer base, positioning business owners and entrepreneurs as experts and raising awareness of their brand.

People Wrote a LOT in 2020

Whether it was journaling, writing a memoir, or penning a novel, many people with time on their hands due to lock-downs tried their hands at writing. Many people found a renewed sense of purpose in following their dream of writing, something they may have aspired to for years. With more time on their hands and fewer distractions, novices were inspired to write. Many of these first-time writers are now looking for publishers, and some of them have great stories to tell. Hybrid publishers are willing to take a chance on unknown writers willing to share the financial risk. They can guide them through the complexities of the process, something traditional publishers don’t have the inclination or time for.

Writers Want Publishers with a Mission

Hybrid publishers have a social conscience and a sense of purpose not associated with major publishing houses. Writers are increasingly seeking out publishers whose values align with their own. They are shopping for indie publishers they feel confident will protect their interests, publishers who treat their author’s work with dignity and care.

Hybrid publishing imprints recognize the sizable market available outside mainstream genres like true crime and romance. In a world that is increasingly expanding its reach into every corner of the globe, hybrid publishers offer writers a way to find and engage with their target audiences in meaningful ways.

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