If you are longing to write a book, have already started one, or have a finished manuscript, hybrid publishers are interested in hearing from you. While traditional publishing houses tend to focus on completed manuscripts, hybrid publishers are far more willing to work with first time writers who may not be at the end of their writing journey.

The Limitations of Traditional Publishers

Traditional publishers occasionally work with first-time writers who are “discovered” in the slush piles of endless submissions. This is not the norm; however, for traditional publishing houses, the reality is these traditional publishers work most often with proven writers. They prefer to work with established writers, and they tend to focus on writers who are known performers.

Traditional publishers also focus on completed manuscripts. If you want to submit your manuscript to one of the large, established publishers, it had better be completed. They receive hundreds of submissions every week, and they don’t have the time to work with someone who has a half-finished manuscript. There are too many other manuscripts ready to go for them to bother with an unfinished project.

Hybrid Publishers Love First Time Authors

Hybrid publishers work with many first-time authors. One of the greatest joys of being a small publishing house is the opportunity to discover a new writer. As a hybrid publisher, Dudley Court Press is devoted to working closely with each of our writers along every step of the writer’s journey. 

We have the time and resources to devote to a new writer, even if the manuscript isn’t finished. When we see the potential in a story or the kernel of a beautiful idea, we nurture it rather than passing it by looking for something more complete. Why? Because we look for and value potential. Our team of professionals works with first-time writers to ensure a great idea becomes a great book.

Hybrid Publishers Work with Authors No Matter Where They are In Their Writing Journey?

If you are writing your first book but don’t have it finished, the right hybrid publisher is a valuable resource. Because they tend to be smaller in size, they can offer personalized attention that’s not available to newcomers at larger publishing houses. In addition, whatever phase of the writing process you’re in, good hybrid publishers can help you move toward the ultimate goal – successfully publishing your book.

If you have a book concept or are outlining an idea and aren’t sure what to do next, hybrid publishers can help. Not sure how to move forward? We help you get on the right path and stick to it through our unique coaching program.

Dudley Court Press works closely with new authors who are in the process of writing or have completed their first draft. We don’t just read the manuscript; we talk to our writers and explore why they are writing. The key to our success is our focus on the writer, not the book. Our team is interested in the “who” as much as the “what.” We take the time to discuss your goals, what you want your book to accomplish, and how you envision its final form. It’s the starting point for a collaboration that will take you to your goal – a successfully published book. As hybrid publishers, we personally know every one of our writers. As a result, we can partner with them for lasting success.

Dudley Court Press

Dudley Court Press works with writers like you every day. As a full-service, hybrid publishing house, we help thoughtful people write their books and become successful published authors.

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