There is a lot of talk about the advantages of hybrid publishers focusing on cost savings and a quick turn-around time. While these are valid considerations, the most compelling reason to work with a good hybrid publisher is personal attention. As you move from concept to published book, you and your writing will get the dedicated attention they deserve. 

Forget the Revolving Door

Working with a good hybrid publisher is a mutual relationship. You don’t talk to a different person every time you call. There aren’t a lot of faceless assistants working on your project. You likely have a single point of contact who is with you from the beginning. He or she is familiar with your work and interested in your achievement. You develop a relationship with your contact that is supportive and reassuring.

The Best Hybrid Publishers Offer Coaching & Advice

Writing is a lonely practice. Traditional publishers often leave their writers feeling isolated even after the contract is signed. They get your book printed, but they aren’t there when you have a writing question. That’s up to you. 

Hybrid publishers are different – they focus on nurturing their writers, not just publishing books. At DCP, we offer a wide range of products to help you become the best writer you can be. We carefully evaluate everything from your subject matter to writing style to create the perfect fit for every step of the process.

First, a dedicated publishing team works with you through everything from book structure to cover art. Second, you learn more about writing and publishing through coaching, strategic book development, and marketing. Finally, at Dudley Court Press, we offer valuable tools to transform your writing. These include online resources, individual coaching, our Writer’s Sprint course, and more. 


Have a question about your manuscript? Or you want feedback on your book structure? You can’t find the answers through a traditional publishing house. They have too many authors they’re juggling, They also don’t have time for one-on-one conversations. At Dudley Court Press, we work with just a handful of authors at a time. This ensures a personal working relationship that benefits both the writer and the publisher. 

As one of our authors, call DCP and schedule a time to talk to me whenever you need answers, suggestions, or simply someone to listen. My team and I are as invested as you are in your success. You aren’t a number to us. We are here for you through every phase of the writing and publishing process, personal guides through a complex process. 

Hybrid Publishers Share Your Dream

The dream of becoming a successful, published author can consume you. When faced with impersonal publishers, you become discouraged. You feel rudderless. Smaller hybrid publishers focus on just a few clients at a time because they share your dream – getting your vision to others. Good hybrid publishers carefully select authors who align with their values and who they are proud to stand behind. They publish what is meaningful to them and are fully invested in your success. They are also proud of your achievements. Hybrid publishers know you by name.

Dudley Court Press

Dudley Court Press works with writers like you every day. As a full-service, hybrid publishing house, we help thoughtful people write their books and become successful published authors. Contact us to discuss our assisted self-publishing option today.

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