The reputation of hybrid publishers has risen steadily in recent years. Today’s hybrid publishers are respected in the industry for their contributions to the publishing industry as a whole and unknown authors in particular. Getting your book published with a hybrid publisher can be the first step toward becoming a successful, respected author because hybrid publishers have a huge stake in each writer’s success. While large publishing houses can survive even if some of their published books languish on the shelves, hybrid publishers rely on the success of every author in order to stay in business.

Hybrid Publishers Have Skin in the Game

Hybrid publishers carefully choose the writers they bring on board. Unlike vanity publishers, hybrid publishers make money off the actual sales of the book. While the writer shoulders some fees, this is to defray part of the cost of publishing. Once the book is ready, the publishing house has to promote it to see any profit. Letting it sit on the shelves isn’t an option if they want to make money, so they’re going to take the time to help each author promote their book and make sure it’s available to the public through popular platforms and to booksellers through industry distributors 

Maintaining Their Reputation

Hybrid publishing houses have come a long way in the last two decades, but they still have to fight for their share of the market. The only way to do this is to ensure they have a sterling reputation for putting out excellent books. If they don’t promote books properly or settle on working with writers who churn out sub-par books, their reputation will quickly lead to their downfall. The big boys of publishing have already established themselves, but hybrid publishers are building their reputation on a daily basis. They go the extra mile for every writer they work with.

Preserving Industry Connections

Hybrid publishers are selective about what they publish to ensure their standing with distributors and other industry influencers. One of the perks of working with a hybrid publisher instead of self-publishing is that writers gain access to contacts, distributors, and events they wouldn’t have access to on their own. 

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– Gail Woodard