Self-publishing a book is an option many first-time authors consider. For some writers, it’s a viable solution that works, although it has pitfalls. Before you decide to take the journey into self-publishing, determine if it’s the right choice for you. If you decide that it’s the best option for your manuscript, there are some tips you should keep in mind.

Edit Before Self-Publishing

Many writers jump to self-publishing before their manuscript is truly ready. The failure of most writers’ first self-published books is due in part to poorly edited manuscripts. Readers are turned off by spelling grammatical errors, missed punctuation, poor sentence structure, and confusing transitions. They won’t buy anything else by someone they feel isn’t a decent writer, and they don’t give second chances. 

Put away your manuscript for a while, then read it with fresh eyes before publishing. You’ll be amazed by how many little mistakes you’ll find after your manuscript has been set aside for a few days or weeks. If you can afford it, hire an editor. Or consider a hybrid publishing company, which may include some editing services in its contract with you.

Put Time and Money Into the Design

Content is king, but people do judge a book by its cover. The first glance someone gives to a book cover can turn them off or capture their interest. An amateur looking drawing by your nephew isn’t going to do the trick. Either invest in some excellent illustration software or hire an artist who can design a simple but elegant cover that will capture readers’ eyes and reflect the title of your book. If you’re going to use a photograph, use a professional for photography, graphics, and fonts. Make sure the layout looks good and isn’t cluttered or awkward. If this sounds overwhelming, consider talking to a hybrid publisher such as Dudley Court Press. They can help writers interested in self-publishing with graphics, layout, book jacket designs, and more.

Diversify Your Self-Publishing Options

Traditional, bound books are what many writers think of when they think of being self-published. They want to hold a book in their hands. They long to walk into a bookstore and see their title on the shelves. This is a wonderful goal, but it isn’t the only route to successful publishing. Keep your options open to other options such as print-on-demand as well as digital publishing. The key is to make sure you work with the right digital publishing house and get a good deal. Working with a hybrid publisher such as Dudley Court Press is one way to gain better footing with Amazon and other significant e-publishers. 

Take the Time to Market

Do you like to market as much as you love to write? Most writers don’t, although a few self-publishing authors enjoy blogging about their book, doing author interviews, crafting a website, keeping up with Facebook ads, and more. No matter what, it’s crucial to the success of self-publishing, so you’ll need to put the time in to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves. You’ll also need to do a lot of research and hit-and-miss attempts to find out what works. If you want to save some time, Dudley Court Press offers experienced marketing advice in a variety of hybrid publishing packages. These can help you get published in just a few months without the restrictions of traditional publishing.

Self-publishing can be an exciting but challenging minefield to ushering your book into the hands of readers. If you discover you need help along the way, hybrid publishing can get you there in ways traditional publishing can’t.

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