The following email was sent to DCP author Lee Albert from Charlotte Moser who learned about Lee’s work Live-Pain-Free-coverfrom one of his PBS specials. Charlotte followed Lee’s recommendations and changed her life. Here is her story in her own words:

“For a long time, I suffered from terrible upper back pain that I thought was fibromyalgia. I struggled to sleep at night, cried over and over, sought the help of various doctors, and popped muscle relaxers and Advil more often than I wanted in order to find relief. 

Last December, I stumbled across a PBS program on TV that Lee Albert was on, speaking about muscular pain relief. I watched, fascinated. I bought his book the next day and on December 14th, 2019, began following his program faithfully every single day, many many times a day.

I am happy to tell him that within 4 months, I was a new, pain-free person! 

I continue to this day, almost a year later, to do the stretches every single day, many times a day. It’s so easy and so worth it. I do six stretches that take me all of twelve minutes to do and five of them I can do all day long while I’m working at my job in a high school library without anyone really realizing what I’m doing. 

I came to realize that I did not have fibromyalgia, but instead I had thoracic muscle pain across my upper back due to years of poor posture. I now am highly aware of keeping my posture straight both in walking and in the car driving, and when I read, which I do a lot of. I stopped slouching; I sit up straight and hold my book at eye level. 

It is just amazing what a change has come over my life because I was fortunate enough to stumble across that TV show almost a year ago. I have no need for muscle relaxers or Advil anymore and I sleep like a baby again! I just want to say a heartfelt and sincere Thank You to Lee Albert for all the work he does helping people feel better naturally! I’m a new and much happier and healthier person because of him!          —–Charlotte Moser

Lee Albert’s book, Live Pain-Free without Drugs or Surgery is available from your favorite bookseller, online or off. Try to support independent bookstores.