Writing about something you’re passionate about is exciting. You’ve poured your soul onto paper (or onto the screen more likely) to capture your thoughts and share them with the world. It may have been a long and challenging journey for you. Or perhaps you have an idea you’re passionate about, but you’re not sure where to start in the writing process. Hybrid book publishing may be just what you need for the next step on your journey.

In either scenario, hybrid book publishers can help you transform your passion into your first book. More traditional publishing houses aren’t the answer. They are looking for polished, completed manuscripts that fit preconceived notions of what will sell to their target audiences. Passion projects generally aren’t what moves them because they are playing a numbers game.

Hybrid Book Publishing Helps You Focus

Perhaps you have an idea you want to share, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes to be a writer. At Dudley Court Press, we will consult with you and help you clarify your idea, organize your thoughts, and determine your focus. Once you have that focus, each step after that is more comfortable and intuitive.

Writing Tools You Won’t Get From Traditional Publishers

Traditional publishers expect a finished manuscript. In return, you’ll get either a letter of interest or a rejection letter. If you get the latter, you’re on your own. The publisher isn’t going to direct you toward helpful tools to improve your writing or guide you through thorny editing dilemmas.

With hybrid book publishing, your publisher will often have a treasure trove of resources to offer you. You can take advantage of a blog offering suggestions for getting unstuck when you hit a writing roadblock (check out Memoir Writing Resources). Your editor may have advice for improving or changing the structure of your manuscript. A graphic designer can suggest cover designs that will really sell your title.

Hybrid Book Publishing Gives You Freedom

When you’re passionate about your topic, it can be challenging to let go of your first book. This is, to use a cliché, your baby. You’ve stayed up nights working on it, you’ve cried over it, worried over it. Setting it loose in the world of publishing can be traumatic.

Guidance With Respect

A hybrid book publisher can help you through the editing process, the revision process, the marketing process, and more without leaving you behind. Our team of editors, designers, marketing experts, and publishing professionals work with you at Dudley Court Press. You will be a part of the process so that you retain some control of the book you are passionate about while helping you avoid the mistakes so many first time authors make.

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Hybrid book publishing is about bringing your book to fruition, not merely bringing it to print