There is a sharp uptick in book sales around the holidays, with books being a popular holiday gift for all ages. You no doubt saw this back in 2020, when shoppers were snapping up new titles. However, with so much advertising out there, a book can get lost among the crowd of titles shouting for shoppers’ attention. The cost of advertising also goes up near the holidays, but handled judiciously, it can dramatically boost your book sales. Now that the Christmas and Hanukkah rush is over, it’s time to start thinking about book marketing for the 2021 holiday season.

Planning Ahead for Holiday Book Marketing

If your book will be published at any time in 2021, it’s not too early to start thinking about book marketing for the holidays. Think about how your title can tie to significant holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. If your book is about a military or patriotic topic, consider promoting them as a gift for veterans or as a way to bring history to life for friends or loved ones. Memoirs are always a wonderful gift at the holidays, when families draw together to celebrate and reminisce. 

Ramp Up the Social Media Buzz

People read reviews to determine if a book is a good fit for someone they are shopping for. Get in touch with reviewers you know, contact bloggers, reach out through your mailing list, and ask readers to post their reviews. Start doing this six months prior to the holiday season to give reviewers plenty of time.

Bloggers and websites that feature holiday gift guides are a great resource. Three to four months before the holiday you’re targeting, reach out to bloggers featuring gift guides, or who focus on your demographic. A few sentences about what makes your book a great gift makes it easy for a blogger to include you in their gift guide.

Special Offers

Everyone loves a bargain at the holidays. Special promotions are a great way to capture shoppers who might otherwise be on the fence about buying. Consider offering a limited-time-only discount or, if you have more than one title, a buy one, get one half-off offer. While it will cost more to promote these on high-volume shopping days such as Black Friday, it can be worth the investment. Make sure you book the ad space early, as they sell fast.  

Holiday Book Marketing Locally

People love getting gifts with a local tie-in. Visit local coffee shops, gift shops, and restaurants. Explain who you are and ask if you can add a small display to a counter or shelf. A copy of your book, a stack of lovely bookmarks indicating where your book can be purchased, and a small sign announcing your status as a local author are all it takes. Holiday-themed arts and crafts fairs are also a great holiday book marketing opportunity. Set up a table with signed copies of your book and get ready to meet and greet! 

Reach out to local newspapers and magazines as well as organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Whether it’s a newspaper article about local authors or a holiday gift guide in an organizational newsletter, it’s free recognition. 

Engage With Your Readers

Make sure you update your website with timely, holiday information and draw attention to any holiday promotions you’re offering. New photos with a holiday theme (someone reading your book in front of a roaring Christmas fire, perhaps) and banners using holiday phrases like stocking stuffer, Hanukkah gift, etc., can boost your status in search engines. 

You might post a holiday-themed short story about one of the characters in your book if it’s fiction. Remind email recipients that your non-fiction book makes an excellent gift for anyone who wants to learn about your book’s topic. 

If you have a book you’re working on or are ready to publish, Dudley Court Press can help you publish and market it effectively for 2021. We work closely with every one of our writers to ensure all your book marketing, including holiday book marketing,  is maximized throughout the year.

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