WashingtonExec has featured Dudley Court Press author David A. Kreigman and his new book, Zero to a Billion: 61 Rules Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Grow a Government Contracting Business in a recent article.  David’s book goes on sale November 14th and is highly recommended for managers at all levels in the government contracting business, and for every entrepreneur looking to build a company serving the government.  Pre-order David’s book here: Zero to a Billion: 61 Rules Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Grow a Government Contracting Business

David’s book has received high praise from many industry leaders.  Here are some early comments about his book:

“I’ve known David Kriegman as an outstanding manager and leader, both at SRA and afterwards. His book, Zero to a Billion, is loaded with great ideas or “rules” that are practical, sensible, and based on real life experience. I highly recommend it to every manager, not only new or mid-career executives but also anyone who has been in business for a while and is still open to new ideas. David has written a value-packed book that’s a must read.”   Renny DiPentima, Former President and CEO of SRA International

Zero to a Billion explains why some companies succeed and some don’t. David uses his experience to present easy-to-follow rules for growing and managing a successful company.Each rule is illustrated with real-world examples that bring the rule to life. Anyone who wants to take their company to the next level needs to read this book.  It should be on every manager’s reading list.” Duane Andrews, Former CEO, QinetiQ North America; Former COO, SAIC; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I) and Chief Information Officer

“Doing business with the federal government means having to comply with a bookshelf full of laws, regulations, directives and agency practices. Almost all of them dictate how to be a compliant government contractor. Nowhere in that minefield are there techniques to be a successful government contractor. Dave Kriegman’s three core principles and 61 rules provide business leaders with actionable steps to be that successful federal professional services contractor. You should hope your competitors aren’t reading this, too.”  Alan Chvotkin, Esq., Professional Services Council

 “David has written an insightful guide to building a successful federal services company, both winning approaches and some to avoid, all based on his decades of relevant personal experiences at companies large and small; a primer speaking to the importance of awareness for all senior mangers to keep top of mind as they build their businesses.”  Peter Schulte, Founder and Managing Partner, CM Equity Partners. 

“This is a guidebook that captures the fundamental rules for success in this business. More than a “must-read” book for managers in the world of government contracting, it also serves as a reference book and scorecard that should be consulted on an on-going basis.  I wish I had it years ago.  I would have purchased and distributed copies for my entire management and business development teams.  The book is easy to read with plenty of real world examples that bring the lessons to life.  I strongly encourage readers to heed this advice.” Mike Stolarik, Former President and COO of QinetiQ North America and Analex Corporation ; Former CEO, Space Applications Corporation and GRC International; Former Corporate Vice President, BDM International