Now that your book is ready to publish, the next step is generating buzz through book reviews. If you don’t know already, you should be working on getting some solid book reviews out there before your book is on the market, but not so early that interest will wane. As a rule of thumb, once you have some Advance Readers Copies (ARCs), you can use these to get feedback and reviews. Book reviews are only as valuable as the person writing them, so you’ll need to be selective in who you ask to review your manuscript.

Target Bloggers in Your Genre for Book Reviews

Established book bloggers have tens of thousands of followers actively seeking the next great read. If you can get a few of these bloggers to provide book reviews, their followers’ interest will be piqued. As a result, you can get some pre-orders even before your book is available to the public. The nice thing about book blog sites is that good reviews are often endlessly forwarded and shared, widening the publicity you get with no effort on your part.

You do have to choose the appropriate bloggers. If you’ve written an uplifting family saga, don’t bother asking for a review from a blogger who focuses on gothic horror novels. Look for book bloggers who review books similar to yours. Reach out via email, briefly outline your book’s premise and ask them if they would like a review copy. Mentioning a book you know they enjoyed can pique their interest. Try something along the lines of, “My novel The Night Patrolman explores issues of family, loyalty, and dedication in the face of tragedy. If you enjoyed Tasha Berhmann’s The Expectations, you’ll be moved by my heroine’s journey in The Night Patrolman.”

Take Advantage of Your Publisher’s Connections

Your publishing house has worked with authors across of wide range of genres and has years of experience working with writers and reviewers. They can guide you toward experienced reviewers who are well-known and respected in their industries. Take advantage of these ties and listen to your publisher’s suggestions. They may be able to get book reviews by well-known that you won’t be able to convince on your own. Connections are so important!

Reach Out to Your Own Contacts

This doesn’t mean asking for a book review from your siblings or best friend. If you’ve written a book on a topic you’re passionate about, send an ARC to others you’ve networked with due to shared interests. Also, if you’ve written about your career, consider experts in your industry and those who know and respect your work. If you wrote about your experiences on an aircraft carrier, a review from your former commanding officer will carry considerable weight. 

Think About Regional Book Reviews

The “local man becomes author” angle can garner book reviews in local newspapers and magazines as well as local blogs. Ask for book reviews in regional, general-interest publications. They’ll be interested in the local angle more than the topic of your book. A good book review in a local newspaper can generate a lot of buzz in your area that may lead to a ripple effect.

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