Writing your memoir is a marvelous thing. Let’s go further down the path of understanding what it means to write your memoir. Did you know there are four kinds of memoir?

What kind of memoir are YOU writing?

Inspirational memoir

You have an amazing story of overcoming life challenges and finding success, and you want to inspire other people who are in your situation.

What you need to do it right:

  • experience talking about your process,

  • an audience who looks up to you now,

  • willingness and ability to teach people, to guide them

  • OR a passion for fixing the wrongs that you suffered through.

How are you doing that? How will you do that? Look at yourself as a business.

Literary memoir

You are a writer above all else. Writing is your business, or at least a serious avocation.

What you need to do it right:

  • Your writing needs to be more like fiction than non-fiction.

  • You need highly developed writing skills.

  • Your book needs to be a gem to gain traction.

  • You need to think and act like a fiction author

  • You must build your audience as any fiction writer would today

  • You want to think in terms of multiple books (fiction or nonfiction) to make the effort worthwhile.

Legacy/family memoir

This kind of memoir is more informal. It can be a collection of anecdotes and stories, perhaps combined with family photos.

What you need to do it right:

  • Legacy/family memoirs offer a great opportunity to self-publish as there is not likely to be a market for this book.

  • Your memoir will be a treasure for your family.

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should still be properly written and edited!

  • Consider taking advantage of the guidance we offer through our course, Memoir Writing Made Easy.

Memoir Writing Made Easy


You write this kind of memoir because you have to, not because the world needs to read it. Unless you’re a celebrity and/or you have very strong writing skills and your book falls into the literary memoir category or the inspirational category, and you’re prepared to do a lot of marketing, your best option is to self-publish. You’ll have the pride of holding a book in your hand and, perhaps, you can put your past behind you once and for all.

So which kind of memoir are you writing?



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