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The Fundamentals of Fiction Writing program guides you through and challenges you to evaluate various aspects of your writing. With a goal of helping new authors learn the fundamentals of writing fiction and helping current authors evaluate their manuscript, the Fundamentals of Fiction Writing Course will provide valuable insight into the elements of a successful work of fiction.

This 8 week course addresses the following topics:

  • Developing a Hook
  • Character Development
  • Story Development
  • Pacing
  • Writing and Grammar Tips
  • Social Media Presence and Content Ideas

Each week features a lesson on one of the above topics. Lessons feature explanations, helpful tips, samples, examples, and questions to ask yourself about your manuscript.

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I’ve taken part in various workshops, retreats, and reviews led by impressive writers. But your Fundamentals of Fiction is by far the most helpful.

Liz Newall author of You Don’t Have to Tell Everything You Know

Anthea Piscarik

Fundamentals of Fiction Writing does a first-rate job of exploring the writing process with the questions posed! These questions are thought provoking, and the sequence of topics provides a logical development for writing a book or a short story.

Author of Unearthing Christmas