Writing takes practice to develop your skills. Reading excellent writing helps, and honing your skills with regular practice is crucial. There are also many writing tools available online. When you do a quick search, you discover endless advertisements for writing courses and other tools. Some of these are excellent, while others are little more than money-makers for the instructors. Do your homework before signing up, and use tools created by successful writers and publishers. Here is our roundup of five great writing tools that can yield real improvement in your writing:

Writer’s Sprint: Writing Tools with a Personal Touch

Dudley Court Press’s unique program offers a blend of ingredients for writing success, including accountability, group support, and guidance. A successful author and publisher heads up the program. The Writer’s Sprint includes twice-weekly 90-minute Zoom calls, writing tips, group writing sessions, and Q&A sessions. Writer’s Sprint motivates you if what you need is a way to write more and stay on track.

Memoir Writing Made Easy

Dudley Court Press’s Memoir Writing Made Easy course is the first step toward writing outstanding memoirs. It’s a ten-week course you do at your own pace. This is a nuts-and-bolts class starting with the basics, including understanding memoir styles, legal issues, and publishing tips. Memoir Writing offers something for anyone wanting to write their memoirs, no experience necessary. 

Write the Book You’re Meant to Write

There are hundreds of books advertised as writing tools. Some focus on structure and grammar, while others focus on specific genres or styles. If you want to find out whether you have a book inside you and what that book is about, then pick up Write the Book You’re Meant to Write. This book helps you explore what you want to write about and how to do it. It moves you from “Hey, I want to write a book” to “Hey, my book is published!”


Proper grammar, structure, and style are all part of successful writing. Grammarly, an inexpensive online service, edits any written document. Grammarly points out technical problems and suggests solutions. Also, it analyzes and reports areas where users need to improve their skills. As a result, over time, you start to see patterns in your writing so you can focus on the areas that most need your attention.


Countless athletes and entrepreneurs credit a coach or mentor with helping them succeed. In contrast, writing can be a lonely endeavor. Going it alone isn’t easy; with no one to bounce ideas off, a writer can lose their way. Dudley Court Press offers individual coaching sessions for writers who are struggling. Coaching sessions provide guidance and support to keep you focused and clarify your writing goals. Our one-on-one coaching sessions are personalized to your skill level and needs. It’s a focused writing tool at an affordable price.

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