everybody-CanvaAre you an author who thinks that ‘everybody’ will want to, or needs to, read your book?

I know I was when I wrote my first book.

And I talk with authors all the time who tell me:
“Everybody will love my book.”
“Everybody needs my book.”
“Everybody should read my book; it will make them better people.”

Sorry. It’s ain’t so.

“Everybody” is NOT your market.

“People” as in “I think it’s a story that people will find interesting” are also NOT your market.

As an author, the best thing you can do to make your writing, publishing and marketing journey easier is to be very, very clear on who your target market really is.

Who are the readers who will spend money on your book and spend time reading it?

Who really cares about your subject?

Answer this question carefully because your content, writing style, format, title, subtitle, description, cover design, category choices, keyword selection and marketing activities, all of which are part of your book’s presentation, will converge to serve you and your audience most effectively when you are clear about who you are trying to attract.

If you don’t know who your very particular audience is, you can’t make intelligent decisions about those elements of your book.

Start by asking yourself questions like these:

  • Who will be more interested in this book – men or women?
  • What age groups are most likely to be interested in my book – kids, teens, young adults, 30-50’s, 50-65, 65+?
  • Are there geographic connections I can use to identify potential readers?
    • Where is the setting for the book?
    • Where do you live?
    • Where do your characters come from or go to?
    • Other geographic links you can play up?
  • What kinds of work, hobbies, topics, specialties, etc. play a part in the book? (Knitting, chess, swimming competitions, Harleys, yoga, Tango….)
  • What books similar to mine are already in the marketplace? (Use these to understand what your audience wants and how they want it.)

Try to write a statement about your audience:

  • “My book will appeal to Christian teens and young adults interested in missionary work.”
  • “My book will appeal to moderate income black married women with young children who need an escape now and then.”
  • “My book will appeal to college-educated male and female retirees with at least $50k/year retirement income, looking for adventure abroad. “

The more details you can think up to describe your audience, the better. You’ll know for whom you are writing and how to find them. Figure out the very particular niche that will buy and read your book. You have a much better chance of reaching more of ‘everybody in your target niche’ than just ‘everybody.’ Also, check out our online programs, Writer’s Sprint, Memoir Writing Made Easy and Aspiring Author to Published Pro.