If you’ve already published your book but had disappointing sales, it may be time to consider rebranding it. Some books with excellent content, good graphics, and an intriguing hook don’t do well because they aren’t reaching the right audience. If your book isn’t appropriately branded, the right readers will never find it, and sales will stall.

What is Book Branding?

Your book’s brand is the message it sends to readers, primarily through the title, book cover art, and the book’s description on the jacket or back cover. If your book has a title with a specific connotation that accurately captures your book’s message and conveys it to potential readers, you’re off to a great start. If the title and cover art appeal to the audience you’re looking for you, you’ve branded your book correctly.

But sometimes writers don’t quite get it right. They choose a title that sounds catchy but doesn’t appeal to the audience they’re trying to reach. As a result, they lose a broad swathe of their potential audience. Or they don’t spend the money for a professional cover artist and rely on a friend to create amateur cover art that seems childish and sends the message that the book is immature and unprofessional. If your book suffers from these kinds of problems, it’s time to consider rebranding.

Make Sure Your Book Branding Fits Your Genre

If you’re writing a cozy mystery, cover art and a title that’s too gory will turn many readers off. Slasher-style titles written in blood and a terrifying, realistic crime scene photo won’t work. These are better for a true-crime thriller. It’s crucial to have the right book branding for non-fiction books as well. Titles have to capture the content and translate it in just a few words. The cover art can be relatively simple, but even the color will have an impact.

Work with a designer who is familiar with your book’s genre. They will be familiar with what’s trending, what readers look for in a book cover, and what is off-putting. You don’t want a cover that readers glance at and think, “Looks like a typing tutorial,” when your book is a guide to improving your organizational skills or how to travel on a budget.

The Problems of New Book Branding

The problem of rebranding your book once you’ve published it with a title and cover art that doesn’t work out for you is the time, work, and complexity of the process. You may already have reviews under the old title. You will already have a listing with online sellers, an ISBN, tag lines, descriptions, summaries, marketing materials, banners, posters, sell sheets, etc. that will change. That’s why it’s so critical to get your book branding right the first time.

While rebranding is possible, it is time-consuming and expensive. You’ll need to do a relaunch and revamp your author platform as well. Author rounds will need to be done as though you are pitching a brand new book. Your social media campaign will have to focus on selling the rebranding as though you’re selling a brand new book. You can do it, but if you work with Dudley Court Press from the beginning, we will work with you to make sure your book branding is right the first time, from title to cover art. You’ll never have to rebrand. Your book brand will be accurate from the day you launch, ensuring higher sales, more followers, and an impeccable reputation as an author.

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