If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you may wonder whether you’ll ever enjoy a glass of wine again.

Your medical advisor has warned you about the significant lifestyle changes the disease imposes. You must eat your meals at specific times. You’ll be counting carbohydrates and calculating insulin doses three or more times each day. You may start slipping into a restroom or closet to inject insulin and often you’ll suddenly have to stop whatever you’re doing to ingest a dose of sugar. And enjoying a simple glass of wine with friends becomes complicated.

WARNING: If you are an alcoholic or you are underage, do not drink wine. Period.


Bring this to your next doctor visit!

However, if you are in good health apart from your diabetes, and you are under proper medical care, you may be pleased to learn how you can safely add an occasional glass of wine to your lifestyle routines without damaging your health. The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide by Theodore Berland is a well-researched, thoroughly readable presentation of current medical research that demonstrates that dry wine, consumed in moderation, may not only be safe for diabetics, but in fact may improve health.

The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide, published by Dudley Court Press, offers you and your medical advisor the facts, concepts and important research findings that may allow you to conclude that moderate consumption of dry wine could be a positive addition to your diet.

Beyond the numerous studies cited, you’ll find many health and lifestyle suggestions included in this volume, along with fascinating history, biology and chemistry of diabetes and wine.

Berland is a Chicago-based, award-winning medical writer who has authored more than 20 books; hundreds of articles in magazines, newspapers, and medical journals; and three plays. Berland’s book is designed as a communication tool to help people with diabetes and their medical providers discuss the abundant evidence that moderate consumption of dry wine can improve the lifestyle and health of people with diabetes.

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