If you’ve often read books and thought, “I’d love to write a book myself,” but wondered what you would write about, you aren’t alone. Many people long to craft something in their own words but aren’t sure what they have to share with the world. Contrary to what many think, the steps to writing a book don’t start with finding out what will sell. It lies with discovering what you have to share with the world that is uniquely yours to give. This is the book you are meant to write.

Why Are You Writing a Book?

Consider why you’re interested in writing a book. Do you want to create joy in the lives of others? Share a unique perspective on living that can help others live a more fulfilling life? Have you lived through experiences that could act as a warning to others? Do you want to help preserve a way of life that is fading away? Inspire others to learn more about a rare art or craft?

Does the urge to write something hit you when you read an uplifting novel or a stirring memoir? Consider creating your own story or putting your family’s story down for posterity. Do you enjoy teaching others and sharing your knowledge of a particular topic? If you do, a book that shares your talent or expertise beyond your immediate circle can be rewarding and a great gift to the world.

Once you have a handle on why you want to take those first steps to publish a book, think about what you want to write about.

Consider What You Know

The best place to start writing a book is with something you’re already knowledgeable about. Your enthusiasm is built into your topic. You are sharing something you’re already passionate about with others. This makes it easier to keep your momentum going.

If you’re a passionate gardener and your family comes to you with questions about how to propagate bulbs or nurture orchids, consider a gardening book. If you have a fascination with restoring boats, share your techniques with other sailing enthusiasts. Have you had to handle complex issues such a how to cope with aging parents? Creating a guide for comparing assisted living facilities based on your own experiences may bring you satisfaction.

Narrow Your Focus

Many first-time writers are daunted by the thought that are hundreds of books on the market about topics they love. You’ll find an abundance of books about craft topics, ways to cope with grief, World War II aircraft, and almost every other subject under the sun. By narrowing your focus, you create a niche for yourself that your book can fill.

A book about helping others through grief is admirable but has a lot of territory to cover. It can be overwhelming to cover the many different forms of mourning and sorrow that parents, children, siblings, and friends go through.

Author Joan E. Markwell’s book, “Softening the Grief: What to Say and Do to Comfort a Bereaved Mother,” addresses the specific needs of women who have lost a child. It fulfills a deep, emotional need that is intensely personal and specific. It fulfilled a need for readers that other books on grief hadn’t addressed in detail. Their focus was too broad. For Markell, the steps to publishing a book began with personal experience.

The same approach can apply to writing a book on gardening, which covers an incredible amount of territory. Ther are different climates, zones, types of plants, and more. For flower gardeners, there are bulbs, perennials, annuals, heritage varieties, roses, flowering shrubs. The list is nearly endless. If you have become a devotee of heritage lilies over the years, you can be sure others would love to preserve and propagate these stunning flowers.

Writing a Book? Dudley Court Press Can Help

The editors, designers, and publishers at Dudley Court Press will work with you every step of the way. Whether your book is simply the kernel of an idea or you already have a manuscript, we will work closely with you from your first word to the finished product. You will never be alone on the journey to becoming the published author of a book that is truly and uniquely yours. Let us help you discover the book you were meant to write and take the first steps to publishing a book you’ll be proud to share with the world.