You’re an author and an expert in your field, as well as a business owner or consultant. You’re rightfully proud of the work you did and the book you created. Yet, is that book now languishing on a shelf? Can you count on one hand the number of doors your book has opened for you lately? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Make no mistake, books are incredible tools. If used correctly, they can lift up authors, as well as readers, to new heights. So dust off that book and let’s bring it back to life!

Here are three methods that you can use to leverage your book, reap the rewards of your writing and close more sales for your business right now.


This isn’t your first rodeo. You know who your customers are and you know a good prospect or lead when you see one. Give your prospect or lead a copy of your book. Your book is an important marketing asset that can help you seal the deal and put your service-based business on (or back on) the map.

If you’re meeting your lead in person, you have a couple of opportunities. First, you can use your book as a credibility-boosting prop during the meeting. For example, when a lead talks about a problem they have, you can give them a copy of your book and refer to possible solutions covered in the book, or refer to other people and companies mentioned in the book who had similar problems before you solved them.

Another opportunity is to give the lead a copy of your book at the end of the meeting. Present it like a gift (“I wanted to give you this book…”) and and as a parting comment, mention something within the book’s pages that can help your lead. Position yourself as the person with the answers they need and they’ll be likely to come back for more.

Even if you’re not meeting your lead in person, you can send them your book accompanied by a personal note that speaks to their pains and offers solutions. Sending a physical book costs more and takes more effort than sending an email. Your lead will see that you’re investing in them and your business relationship with them, and will be more likely to seek out what you have to offer.


Teaching what you know can extend your book’s reach. Use your book to cement your authority with new audiences, get more recognition and drum up more business. Here’s how.

First, identify and organize your audience. Hold a workshop for an existing group or organization, teach an extension class at a local college or community center, or offer a class or workshop to your ideal clients.

Second, plan what you will say in class, using your book as the road map. If appropriate for the venue, assign your book as the students’ textbook. In addition, prepare a handout for students that contains some brief information about the class along with your contact information. You want to make it easier for students to get in touch with you and call upon your expertise once the class is over. Also consider distributing your business card along with the handout.

Third, give the class or workshop. Present yourself as the expert you are and share some of your wisdom. Don’t forget to circulate your handout. Then at the end of the class, sell or give away copies of your book, or otherwise make your book available to students and reiterate your contact information should they need it in the future. Your book is your ultimate calling card.


If you’re like me, you’ve been inspired by knowledgeable speakers in the past. Now it’s your turn to inspire. Your book gives you the credibility you need to widen your platform and attract new audiences to your ideas and your business. After all, media programs of all types depend on the different voices of featured guests and speakers. Connect with the right programs to gain access to their audiences. Here’s how.

First, identify your target speaking opportunities, such as specific radio, TV and podcast shows that cover themes related to your book, or alternatively focus on your local geographical area. Refine your pitch to each audience’s gatekeepers. Keep in mind who they are, who the program’s audience is, what you have to offer and why you think their audience needs to hear what you have to say.

Second, pitch away! Convince the gatekeepers to let you speak or be a guest on their platform. You should be prepared to hear some no’s before you hear that first yes, but know that it will be worth it in the end.

Third, schedule your speaking engagement with the program, prep yourself and memorize the important points you plan to cover. If your participation will be phone based, focus on your content as well as on your delivery. But if you will make a television appearance, don’t forget to plan your wardrobe and be mindful of your body language too.

Fourth, appear on the program and speak. Dazzle the audience with your knowledge, expertise and personality. Share your information openly and honestly. Demonstrate why you’re the go-to person on this topic. You’ll want to mention your book; try relating the points you make on the program to your book in some way, like citing an example from your book. Also, mention your website’s URL (if you have one, which hopefully you do) so people can find more information about you, your book and your business.

Put Your Book to Work for You and Close More Sales

Writing a book is a great way to establish your expertise, but don’t let that expertise expire. Put your book’s credibility-building powers to work so you can reach new audiences and close more sales for your business right now. If you’d like some help extending your book’s platform, please get in touch at