Chocolate Journey of Sensory Awareness

Chocolate-Journey-Audio1Are you ready for a lusciously sensual hour of mindful devotion to YOU?  

Explore your own Self, your desires, your feelings.  Experience the present moment and practice mindfulness…starting with a piece of chocolate!   Purchase and download instantly ….oh, but have your chocolate ready before you listen!

Here’s what you’ll find in this playful gift of conscious exploration:

….Relaxation and Reflections on Chocolate…Meeting the Chocolate….Eating Chocolate, mindfully…Reflections on Eating Chocolate…Drinking water, mindfully… Reflections on pleasure…Bringing Chocolate Consciousness to Routine Activities… Bringing Chocolate Consciousness to Relationships.

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Here’s how to prepare for your Chocolate Journey…

Chocolates – Before you begin your Chocolate Journey of Sensory Awareness, please choose and purchase two delicious chocolates, preferably fresh chocolate truffles with creamy chocolate centers from your favorite chocolatier. You can substitute two luscious strawberries if you prefer.

Place your chocolates or fruits into a small gold box and wrap the box with cellophane. This will give you the full experience described in the journey. Otherwise, you can wrap your chocolates or fruit in any way that pleases you.

Prepare your space and your time as described below and you’ll be ready to enjoy your Chocolate Journey of Sensory Awareness.

Time – Choose a time when you will be undisturbed for at least one hour. Turn off all phones. Put a note on your door.
Give yourself the pleasure of at least an hour of uninterrupted time.

Place – Choose a comfortable place. Please make sure that you can sit comfortably ~ on the floor, on a bed or at a table ~ your preference. Just treat yourself to comfort for this Journey.

Atmosphere – Create a relaxed atmosphere for yourself. You might light a candle, set out a pretty placemat or cloth, and add some element of nature ~ flowers floating in a bowl of water or a few sea shells, stones or pine cones displayed around your candle.

Writing materials – Have your reading glasses handy along with a pen and plain paper or your favorite journal.

Water– You will need a glass of water. You may want to drink a little during the first part of your Journey. We will ask you to drink some in the middle part of the Journey.

And….bon voyage!
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