Writing Advice

3 Good Questions to Ask When You Are Writing or Publishing a Book

Wherever you are in your journey of writing or publishing a book, these three questions will help you focus your efforts to avoid getting lost, [...]

Anybody Can Publish a Book Today…But How Do You Sell Them?

Booksellers are a dying breed and Amazon lists over 100,000 new titles every month - so how do authors sell books these days? It’s not [...]

Write Your Book and Change Someone’s Life

We all have some experience(s) in our lives that profoundly changes us in some way. As we go through these experiences, we reach a place [...]

7 Things Authors Should Know About Book Publishing and Book Marketing Today

You already know the one big truth about the publishing world today – that change is the new modus operandi: The quality of digital printing [...]

Author Tom Mattson on the joys of travel writing

Summer vacations are for rest and relaxation, but for travel writers, vacations bring inspiration for writing and research. They relish the opportunity to explore, interview, [...]

Different Types of Editors and Their Roles

Working with editors: Who does what? Writers have to write and with very few exceptions, they have to do that alone. For most writers, the [...]

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