You Don’t Have to Tell Everything You Know
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Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 388 pages
ISBN: 9781958893081

Icie Jones, born in upstate South Carolina just after the Civil War ended, tells her story and those of the people around her through journal entries.

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About the Book

You Don’t Have to Tell Everything You Know is historical fiction based on Isamar Woods Jones McGee, who was born in upstate South Carolina into a second family in 1865, one month after the Civil War ended.

Her life is a product of unsettled times, family dynamics, and the human condition. She tells her story and those of the people around her through journal entries, which she annotates and amends in her final days.

Her travels take her down the Savannah River and to the 1901 Charleston Exposition where she meets Beautiful Jim Key, billed as the world’s smartest horse, and a young Nancy Columbia, the Inuit star of stage and screen in the early 1900s.
Isamar’s life and times offer a fascinating, often funny, sometimes complex testament to the joys and sorrows of the human heart—regardless of era. You Don’t Have to Tell Everything You Know attempts to find meaning in the randomness of life — a butterfly wing, a war, a Bible verse, a chance meeting — the stuff of one’s own story.

About the Author
Liz Newall

Liz Newall grew up in Starr, South Carolina, a town rich in history and stories, characters and contradictions, much like her fictional Varennes.

She earned degrees from Anderson and Clemson universities. Her greatest education, though, came from teaching high school and raising children.

After an early career in teaching, she worked as a freelance writer along with picking peaches in the family orchard — a sweet, itchy, iffy enterprise.

During this time, she wrote her first novel, Why Sarah Ran Away with the Veterinarian. She soon discovered that freelance is a little too free. She found a writing position at Clemson University and became managing editor of Clemson World magazine. There she stayed until retirement.

She then began searching for the stories of characters who’d lived in her mind for much too long. She found them in old newspapers, a diary, Bible entries, antique jewelry, and family stories. The result is You Don’t Have to Tell Everything You Know.

Liz lives on a farm in Pendleton with her husband, Billy, where she no longer picks peaches.

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