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After Ramona Ashdon meets Don Chambers at the graveside of her elderly friend, Harry Forest, her life begins to take more than a few unusual twists and turns. Don is the executor of Harry’s estate and has a need for more information about the man than is locally known. Ramona offers to help as her father’s family had a special connection to Harry, also known locally as “The bone Picker”. But, as Don’s questions are asked she realizes there was a lot about Harry that she didn’t know; that the deceased gentleman’s life was much more eccentric than even she realized; that he had a heart of gold under his “quiet attitude” and reluctance to speak to women. The journey to answer those questions takes Ramona and Don from the small town in southern Ontario where she lives to the city of London, Ontario, where Harry lived before retiring to his old family home along the Grand River near Ramona’s house. The continuing journey for information then takes Ramona and Don to the beautiful area of the Algoma District on the north shore of Lake Huron where secrets are revealed that completely change lives. As Harry’s interesting story is revealed, the lives of all those who knew him are affected in ways none could have ever expected.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Canterbury House, an imprint of Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B098V334R1
ISBN: 9780983138365
eBook Price: 4.99
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About the Author
Pat Mestern

Pat Mestern has always called the Upper Grand River Valley in southern Ontario home. The combination of its beautiful natural heritage and multi-cultural diversity - the Scots, Irish, English, German, Mennonite and Amish settled this vibrant area - plays a major role in forming the characterizations and settings for her works of historical fiction that are set in Canada. Traveling and writing provide her with endless ideas for scenarios, time periods and characters for those works of fiction that are set "away". She credits her upbringing, surrounded by books, music, good conversation and encouragement from family for her love of history, and the ability to write.

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