The Pandora Prescription
eBook: $8.99
Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 480 pages
ISBN: 9781940013800

An encrypted fax falls into the wrong hands holding the portent to unleash the truth about, not one, but two of the biggest unsolved mysteries in modern times!

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About the Book

When a Secret Service agent breaks the Code of Protective Duty, a Code that owns a man’s soul, he unleashes a mass of conspiratorial theories, setting the stage for international implications surrounding the infamous murder of a United States president. 

But there was more…an encrypted fax unwittingly falls into the wrong hands of a well-known author, whose investigatory writings which normally focused on conspiratorial themes, found himself being pursued by Federal Agents who viewed his questionable involvement, as a clear and present danger to the state… the Deep State.  

Coincidentally, the real coup d’état was being unveiled as the revelation on how a contraband drug, Laetrile, also referred to as “Cancer’s Nemesis”, appeared to be deliberately withheld from its use as a possible cure…but why? For wouldn’t a cure for cancer change the world as we have known it, forever? 

A heightened sense of urgency to decode the missing document began to take precedence as certain links and similarities were being revealed that pointed to the possible association of a Cuban pharmaceutical cartel’s connection to the assassination as an industrial espionage weapon. Now, coupled with conspiratorial efforts to suppress a cure for cancer, was the real end game bent on causing the destabilization of the U.S. economy?  

The truth will come out…but is the world ready for the truth?

About the Author
James Sheridan

James Sheridan blends psychology, anthropology, and genetic science to deliver a breakthrough self-improvement concept which he presents in everyday language in his new book The YOU Code. Based on deep study of the work of psychologist Carl Jung and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, along with research in genetic sciences and anthropology, Sheridan’s Genetypal Theory has been tested and honed in workshops, trials and focus groups over the past decade. Thousands of people from a cross section of nationalities and backgrounds consistently and reliably have found true meaning and purpose in their lives using Sheridan’s genetypal framework.

A student of history, business, and science in London, Sheridan became a 737 aircraft captain and then retired early to pursue his interests in psychology, finance and real estate. He is a speaker, an award-winning copywriter, and has consulted for Nasdaq and Inc. 5000 companies. His first book, The Pandora Prescription, became an international bestseller.

James Sheridan received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for his book The YOU Code.

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