Take the High Road: Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family
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Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2022
Length: 250 pages
ASIN: B091V6357R
ISBN: 9781940013947

Take the High Road: Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family revolutionizes how couples approach divorce, replacing arguments and anger with empathy and cooperation. Clear strategies, real-life case examples, tips from experts, and surprising insights can help readers save time and money, while significantly reducing stress on all involved.

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About the Book

Take the High Road: Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family is a game-changing guide to divorce, replacing old battleground tactics with practical, “do-able” strategies that can work for any couples navigating the stressful emotional, logistical, legal and financial challenges. With more than half of today’s marriages ending in divorce, this “manual of best practices for getting through one of life’s more difficult transitions,” as one marriage and family therapist called it, will be a welcome resource for people to read and re-read before, during and after divorce. 

Unlike divorce books by attorneys or mental health professionals, this accessible guide comes from businessman Andy Heller, who interviewed scores of couples before writing the book he wished he had as he struggled through his own divorce. To him, to intentionally take the high road means “learning to let some things go, fostering forgiveness when possible, and incorporating empathy into actions that affect your former life partner.”


With experts’ tips, real-life stories, and practical strategies, Take the High Road provides a less travelled route that can heal hearts, prepare for the future, and, most importantly, nurture the children. While saving money and time is not the book’s primary goal, without question, this game plan can save thousands of dollars in the legal process as well as shorten the months or years couples spend fighting. It’s a roadmap for a better life journey.

About the Author
Andy Heller

Andy Heller teaches real estate investing to new and seasoned investors around the country and runs a successful international freight forwarding company. Born in Canada, Andy emigrated to the United States as a child. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Finance and Marketing. Andy co-authored two real estate investing books and had no intention of writing another book. After his own divorce, he saw a crucial hole in the self-help space for men and women navigating through divorce. This book is his “give back” effort to make the process easier for those who are considering or who are on the divorce path.

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