Tainted Seas: My Sailor’s Story
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Genre: Memoirs
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781940013961

The tragic loss of her Navy husband, Bud, to a glioblastoma brain tumor while in his early thirties was unfathomable. Fifty years after being widowed with three small children, Linda finds the answers she’s been searching for.

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About the Book

Linda and Bud began their fairy tale romance in college. Their perfect life as a Navy family unfolded until a sudden onset of symptoms led to a diagnosis that seemed unreal for a vital young man. How could Bud who was otherwise so healthy suddenly have such a sinister and deadly cancer? And how could his beloved Navy abandon Bud when he was no longer of any use to them?

None of it made sense until a rainy February day in 2020. A Military Veterans Advocacy Conference revealed evidence that Agent Orange ran from the rivers in Vietnam into the ocean where Navy ships drew the water into their holds. The sailors used that tainted water as they showered, brushed their teeth and cooked with it.


The military that Bud had pledged his loyalty to had not only discarded him when he got sick, they hid the truth from all the families left behind, for decades. Tainted Seas is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking story of a passionate couple, their young family coping with tragedy and the continuing journey of a military widow dedicated to ensuring justice for military families whose lives have been shattered by the very institutions they nobly served. 

About the Author
Linda Jo Heffner

Linda Jo Heffner operates from both sides of her brain. From her left brain came her profession as a science, mathematics, and computer science teacher, while her right brain gives her talent in painting, clay sculpture, crafting, and now writing. She holds a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University, a Masters’ degree from Kutztown University, and thirty-two post-graduate credits.

Tainted Seas: My Sailor’s Story is Linda’s memoir of 11 years with her husband, Bud. Meeting in college in 1968, Linda and Bud anticipated a whole passionate life of adventure, love, and laughter but in the shadow of death, how much life can two lovers live?
A widowed mother of three at age thirty, Heffner only recently discovered the truth behind her husband’s early death. Now she wonders how the U.S. military can abandon the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who served their country in time of war. Through her books, Linda articulates a fervent plea for justice for military members and their families who have been shattered—in ways seen and unseen—by wars, both past and present.

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