Shades of Public Finance-Volume I
$18.95eBook: $8.99
Genre: Business
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 206 pages
ISBN: 9781940013664

Healthy communities convert assets into cash through bonds to build roads, parks and more. Sigal explains in clear language 

  • how bonds are structured, 
  • who gets rich, 
  • who gets stuck,
  • how politics impacts bond financing and
  • why municipal bankruptcy is a very bad idea
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About the Book

Shades of Public Finance lifts the curtain on aspects of American civil and financial underpinnings that most people know little about. Local water treatment systems, state university campuses, roads, parks and many other features of our cities and states have been built with local control and local decision-making because imaginative figures like Richard Sigal found ways to turn community assets into cash through bonds. Sigal explains in clear language how bonds are structured, who gets rich, who get stuck and how politics impact bond financing. Sigal highlights the frightening prospect of centralized, federal control of local communities infrastructure and growth because municipal bankruptcy has become an acceptable strategy in difficult financial times, despite workable options that preserve local creditworthiness. 

About the Author
Richard Sigal

Richard L. Sigal practiced public finance from 1964 to 2016 including fifty years with the national law firm of Hawkins Delafield & Wood. He was the bond counsel or underwriters' partner in charge of major tax-exempt or taxable bond issues in many states as well as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Sigal's contributions to the creation of financing strategies to support the growth of public infrastructure are unmatched.

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