Rachael’s Legacy
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Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Canterbury House Publishing, Imprint of Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2022
Length: 231 pages
ISBN: 9781945401329

An exciting and moving story of a young woman coming to terms with her heritage and her future, a tale about the clash of cultures, a story of love.

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About the Book

Based on a true story. From the sophistication and glamour of upper-class New York City life during the roaring twenties, Erie Carliss travels to the rural Mennonite country in Wellington County, Ontario to discover her secret past. In the search for answers, Erie finds herself in the middle of a power struggle among whiskey runners and gangsters. The new friendships and rekindled interests of old acquaintances blossom. This is an exciting and moving story of a young woman coming to terms with her heritage and making a choice between the life she was raised in and a life she was born into.

Pat Mestern has once again delivered a masterpiece of genuine, relatable characters whose journeys unveil more than they could have ever imagined. In this sequel to Anna: Child of the Poor House, Rachael’s Legacy takes the reader through the intertwined lives of Erie and Anna Carliss and the Mennonite community. Author of seven fiction books prior, Pat’s storytelling ability shines through and wraps you up in an exhilarating experience of mystery, family, history, and love.

About the Author
Pat Mestern

Pat Mestern has always called the Upper Grand River Valley in southern Ontario home. The combination of its beautiful natural heritage and multi-cultural diversity - the Scots, Irish, English, German, Mennonite and Amish settled this vibrant area - plays a major role in forming the characterizations and settings for her works of historical fiction that are set in Canada. Traveling and writing provide her with endless ideas for scenarios, time periods and characters for those works of fiction that are set "away". She credits her upbringing, surrounded by books, music, good conversation and encouragement from family for her love of history, and the ability to write.

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