Pay Attention, Say Thank You: Seven Rules & Practices for Joyful Living
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Genres: Inspirational, Mind/Body/Spirit
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 126
ASIN: 194001302X
ISBN: 9781940013022

An appealing guide to living a happy life - full of joy, even when things aren't going so well. Learn how to live happily, more vibrantly, more creatively, and more joyfully by practicing seven simple techniques.


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About the Book

Pay Attention, Say Thank You is a delightful guide to living a happy life – full of joy, even when things aren’t going so well. Learn how to live happily, more vibrantly, more creatively and more joyfully by practicing seven techniques, some as simple as paying attention, saying thank you and being quiet. Warm and engaging, this book addresses issues of forgiveness, fear, the need for quiet reflection or meditation and for gratitude. The author provides plenty of examples and exercises.

Amazon Reviews:

“This is such an excellent little book! Never thought, when I started reading it, that I could REALLY learn something. I mean, something I could use in my everyday life. I liked the title… and found that Gail Woodard’s analysis of what simple rules of life (that we take for granted or that we don’t think much of), can bring to you is wonderful! It is never written in a negative motion but, in the contrary, tries to show you good ways to re-think things and make you feel more comfortable with yourself. It makes you aware, and focused and it brings you… joy. The whole book should make you feel on top of… your life! Happy reading!”

“This read was everything I was hoping for and then some. In addition to being well-written, it was interesting and kept me thinking long after I had finished it. I especially benefited from the chapter about choosing your own faith. Overall, I highly recommend this one and I’m super glad I stumbled on it.”

“I love this book so much that it has a permanent place on my bedside table. Gail’s style of writing and wisdom is a guide to becoming a better person.”

Everything in this book is gently offered with an invitation from the author to try it and see for yourself what happens.

About the Author
M. Gail Woodard

Born in Boston, she graduated from Albertus Magnus College and earned an MBA from Yale University. After fifteen years in the corporate world focused on strategic planning and marketing, she closed her consulting practice to begin a new adventure - home-schooling her three sons, then ages 8, 6 and 3. For the next decade, they learned and grew together, exploring all their Santa Barbara, CA neighborhood had to offer, traveling around the U.S. and living in both Mexico and France. Later, she lived in southern Arizona where she taught finance and management at the University of Arizona South and yoga in her home studio.

Most recently she has become 'happily homeless,' exploring parts of the U.S. and Latin America as she continues to grow her publishing services business, Dudley Court Press. Thanks to technology, she is always in touch with her clients and team, as well as with family and friends, around the globe. As publisher and author coach at Dudley Court Press, she helps authors clarify and achieve their publishing goals. Her way of living a joyful life today is to assist business and wellness professionals get their books done, and done right. Using technology and taking advantage of all the offerings within the publishing industry today, her team helps authors make the right strategic choices for writing, designing, publishing and marketing meaningful books.

If you have a book project in mind, or have questions about living your life more joyfully, please visit 'Life on this Earth is short - why not make it sweet? Here's to your joy!' -Gail Woodard

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